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How to Get Rid of Rats?

Rats are rodents that many times invade our houses. They are warm-blooded rodents that you can find almost everywhere in the world. Rats can do extensive damage. Their front teeth are so large that, they enable to chew through almost everything including concrete. Most rats set up in the basement of your residence where no one goes, under concrete and behind the walls. They reproduce quickly and they are dangerous because they carry many deadly diseases and parasites with them, that may harmful for you and your children. Read more, to know ways to get rid of rats.

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Ways to Get Rids of Rats:

1.) Block the Holes to Get Rid of Rats

It is a very effective way because if rat will not find any place to hide or live then it will not come in your home. Block all the holes in interior walls, it is best to leave a way out for the mouse. They may leave your home for easier picking elsewhere if they will not find any holes in your home.

You can use caulk or spackle to seal the holes. If you have larger holes in your house, they cannot be fixed with caulk or spackle because it is only used to seal small holes or crack. You can use plaster to fill the big gaps. Also, make sure that baseboard doesn’t have any gap because rats can squeeze out of them.

 2.) Rat Poison to Get Rid of Rats

Rat poison or rat trap is a good way to kill rat because you cannot run behind them. Yon can snap rat traps in a rat infested area where they mostly visit or live. You can purchase a trap from the hardware stores and retailers. If you are thinking that rat poison will instantly kill the rats so be aware of that; poison takes a week to kill the rat.

Read the instruction and cautions carefully on the label. Most of the poison includes warfarin, which can cause internal bleeding to rats. These poisons can also be harmful to the pet and people if they will come in contact with that poison. Rat corpse will give off an unpleasant smell if you will not remove it immediately.

3.)  Rat Trap to Get Rid of Rats

If you do not want to kill the rat then the best way is rat trap. Put the bait in the box to allure rat as soon as a rat will enter in the box it will shut down and rat won’t be able to leave the box. Once you will catch them, you can release them 1 or 2 miles away,  from your home, so that they will never come back to your home. This is one of the best ways to get rid of rats. However, it is a tedious task since you have to do this regular until there is no rat left in your home. And make sure you set them free at the far-flung area so that they cannot come back.

4.) Glue Board to Get Rid of Rats

It is the easy way to trap rat and it doesn’t give smell like rat poison. Glue board is flat, sticky piece of wood that trap rat. But make sure that, you only set glue board if you are intended to kill the rats because there is no way to get them off from the glue board. This is not a merciful option to trap the rat. In some cases, rats chew their feet in order to escape from the trap. It is not considered as the human way to get rid of rats because if you will find the rat in the glue that has not died so you will have to kill them. You will have to hit on the head of the rat with some hard thing like a baseball bat or you will have to stomp on it with your boot to kill them.

5.) Peppermint Oil to Remove Rats

Peppermint oil is the safest way to use. It is not deterrent oil because the smell is too intense for rodent and they will not try to go near that smell. It also gives a lovely fragrance to your house and is nontoxic, unlike many synthetic chemicals. You can easily get peppermint oil in many grocery stores.

  • Put one or two drops on a cotton ball.
  • Place it near or under your garbage where rats mostly visit.
  • Place it near the area where rats most likely to visit or enter your house like heat vents, doorways.
  • Peppermint cotton balls should be replaced after 6 to 7 days if you are using one or two drops in it.
  • You can also grow peppermint plant in your garden or near your entryways. Or you can put the pot of peppermint in your house.

6.) Lure the Rat into the Container

If you do not find rat trap in the market then you can make your own rat trap or put a bait in any of the box or an aquarium to lure him.

  • You can set up a 10-gallon aquarium to trap the mouse.
  • Put some food in it and keep the aquarium at the spot from where a rat can enter it and block the unusual path of a rat.
  • Place a book or something next to the aquarium so that the mouse can crawl up.
  • The mouse will try to eat the food placed in the aquarium.
  • Once the mouse will get inside the aquarium, it will get trapped by the high wall.
  • Try to check the trap frequently because the rat corpse gives the unpleasant smell.

7.) Mouse Deterrent Spray

You can also use rat deterrent spray to get rid of rats. It doesn’t involve harmful and toxic chemicals. This spray is made from hot peppers. Think if you get hit with something spicy, your eyes will start burning so you can also imagine the condition of the rat. If you will hit them with deterrent spray, rats will feel extremely uncomfortable and irritated and thus they will leave your home. If you don’t get a rat deterrent you can make it at home as well.

  • First, boil the 2-gallon bucket of water in the large container.
  • Take half cup chopped habaneros and two tablespoons of hot pepper flakes blend and them in the mixture until they get little chopped up. Put the flakes in the boiling water.
  • Cover the mixture and allow it to sit for 24 hours.
  • Then filter the mixture and put it in the spray bottle.
  • Spray it on the affected areas using gloves and goggles.

 8.) Create Homemade Trap

This trap is very easy and effective to make. You only need two things; a glass bowl and a coin. Balance a bowl with the large coin at the edge and put some chocolate inside the bowl.

  • The mouse will enter under the bowl to eat chocolate and upsetting the balance. The bowl will fall and the mouse will trap underneath.
  • Remove the mouse safely because they can try to run when you will keep him out and throw him far away from the house.

9.) Bird of Prey to Get Rid of Rats.

Promote the nesting of birds of prey in your yard can solve your problem. You just only need to build a shelter box in your garden to attract some prey bird onto your property. This trick may take some time, but it is worth the effort if you can attract a wild mouse eater bird to your yard.

  • Make sure the shelter box should not have nails or safety hazards.
  • A barn owl is the best bird to solve your problem. A family of barn owls can eat many rats in a night. You may also attract other types of owls or birds of prey with your nesting box.

10.) Tame a Cat to Get Rid Rats

A cat that spends time outdoors, more likely to hunt or find food could easily help you to get rid of rats. Not all the cats have enough energy or interest to hunt the mouse. Kittens typically have to be taught by the mother to catch a rat. Indoor cats are usually not a good hunter because they just see mice as a toy, and quickly get bored if they did not like them.

Shelters and adoption agencies sometimes don’t know if the cat is a good hunter or not, they generally do not test for this. This information is available sometimes, but usually not. You can borrow a cat from someone to catch a rat, or you can also add a member to your family by adopting a cat. The cat will help you to get rid of the mouse.

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