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How to Get Super Glue Off Your Fingers?

It happens many times when substances like a super glue stick to your skin. People try to wash it off with many things but didn’t get success to remove it. Some also choose it to leave it, as it will clear on its own with passing days. Super glue is a very strong glue and it is very difficult to remove. It is one of the most powerful adhesives that you will come across. The fact is that its bond is pretty fast and removing it become an extremely uphill task. Only a little amount of glue can hold up to one ton of weight. So you can imagine the type of bond used to stick broken cups, furniture, and other tools. While applying this glue on your skin you accidently have it on your skin. There are many ways you can use to get super glue off your fingers.

get super glue off your fingers

Ways to Get Super Glue Off your Fingers

1.) Try Peeling it off First

Sometimes it is sufficient to remove the glue from your finger without applying anything to your finger. Especially if the glue has only stuck to one finger instead of two fingers together. Carefully peel the glue from your skin. If you feel any pain or see the skin is lifting off, stop immediately.

  • Don’t try to peel off the wet glue, otherwise, you will stick to your other finger wait for the glue to get dry, then slowly peel it off.
  • You can use tweezers or clean fingernails to peel it off, grasp the dried glue from the edge and slowly peel it away from the skin. stop if the glue resists and causes any pain to you.

2.) Soap to Get Super Glue Off your Fingers

The warm soapy solution will be enough to loosen the glue from your hand. You just need to boil a water and add about 1 tablespoon of mild soap. soak your finger in the soapy solution for about one minute. This process will soften the bond of glue and it will be easy to peel it off from your finger.

  • If you cannot peel the glue away so you can rub your finger on the frictional element or and you can roll spoon handle over the area to lift it up.
  • You will need several attempts to get success and you will have to dip your finger in the soap solution often.
  • You can also try to use lemon juice instead of water or you can use a mixture of one part of water and one part of lemon juice. The acid in the juice will help to get away the glue.

3.) Acetone to Get Super Glue Off your Fingers

This method is best for those who have tougher skin. Those who have sensitive skin don’t use this method because it can irritate or dry your skin. Don’t apply acetone to open wounds.

  • The first thing you need to do is soak your finger in the soapy solution. This process will soften the glue. Try losing the glue from your skin, if it doesn’t work then go to the next step which is using acetone.
  • Use nail polish remover it also contain acetone, acetone softens cyanoacrylate. Rub this on your super glue, the dried glue will start to peel off. Don’t use a cotton swab as this can act very violently with cyanoacrylate.
  • Let the area dry, then use a nail emery board to remove the glue. Be careful not to remove your skin too. If you have a lot of glue on your finger so you can scrub it with a pumice stone kept in a warm water to get super glue off your fingers.
  • Let it peel off on its own. It will turn into white colour, but will not hurt you and it will come off without your help.

4.) Petroleum Jelly to Remove Glue from Skin

Massaging your skin with petroleum jelly help to get super glue off your fingers.  It also helps to prevent skin damage due to superglue exposure. If you do not have petroleum jelly, you can buy it from the drugstore. Some lip balms also contain petroleum jelly so you can on the ingredient contain so you can apply that. Vaseline is the best example of the products with petroleum jelly.

  • Massage your finger with petroleum jelly about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Superglue will start to come off its own. Continue to massage until all the super glue removes from your skin.
  • When all the glue removed so you can wash your finger will soap water to remove the residue.

5.) Vegetable Oil to Get Super Glue off your Fingers

Use your finger or an old toothbrush to apply a thick layer of vegetable oil over the dried super glue on your fingers.

  • Don’t use cotton clothes or cotton swab to apply vegetable oil. Cyanoacrylate is a primary ingredient in most superglues and has been known to poorly react with cotton.
  • You can also use baby oil and almond oil.
  • Gently massage the oil from your fingers on the area covered by the glue. Focus on the edges of the spot. The ends of the glue need to be softened first, but the entire glue spot will need to be treated. Because after peeling away the ends you will still have a glue stick to your hands.
  • This solution works great if you have an open cut on your hands or you have sensitive skin. but if your skin is fairly mild you will need to apply it several times.
  • Use a flat object like teaspoon or spatula to get super glue off your fingers.

6.) Lotion to Remove Super Glue

Choose a simple lotion without excess dyes, fragrance or other chemicals. Some of the chemical present in a lotion can react negatively with cyanoacrylate in the super glue and cause more irritation and further problem.

  • Massage the hand lotion in the dried super glue with your fingers in a circular motion.
  • If you are applying the lotion from the glue stick in between your fingers. Wiggle your fingers around gently to make sure that the lotion gets in and directly touches the glue.
  • Then lift away the super glue by peeling it back with a spoon or spatula.
    if the glue does any resistance, reapply the option and try again.

7.) Salt to Get Super Glue off your Fingers

A paste made with salt and water is very effective to get super glue off your finger. Salt work as a best adhesive remover.

  • Put two tablespoons of salt in your hands.
  • Then put a small amount of water In the to make it paste.
  • Rub the paste in your hand for about 50 to 60 seconds.
  • Rinse a little off and keep rubbing without adding water.
  • Repeat this process until the salt dissipates from your hand. The glue will also dissipate with them.

8.) Lemon to Get Rid of Super Glue

Lemon is another very effective remedy to get super glue off your finger. It helps to remove even the stubborn glue stick to your skin. all you need to do is first scratch your hands as much as possible then. Take a lemon and extract the juice out of it.  Lemon has acidic that come in favor to remove super glue. If you will salt along with lemon, it will enhance effective of lemon because salt has abrasive properties that promote the process. Then gently rub this salt and lemon solution on your salt ad leave it for about 5 minutes. Peel off the super with the help of a spoon. If your skin is burnt or cut, so don’t use this method.

9.) Laundry Detergent to Get Super Glue off your Finger

Laundry detergent is great to work with super glue. You need to add a drop of detergent to a small amount of water in a bowl and mix salt into this. when the soapy paste will make, use this to break down super glue. Then rinse off your finger with clean water when you are done. If you will not rinse off your hand with water so the soapy residue on your hand will make its way into the next meal and it can be dangerous for your health.

10.) Olive oil to Get Super Glue Off your Fingers

Olive oil is very effective to get rid of super glue from the skin. it will not harm your skin and moisturise your skin. you need to take few drops of olive oil in your palm and run thoroughly on the skin. you can also add salt to it to enhance the effect. Then continue rubbing on your palm until the glue goes away completely. You can also use other oil like canola oil, peanut oil which is not harsh to your skin.

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