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Iron Rich foods – List of Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is an essential mineral used to transport oxygen to all the parts of the body. Little deficiency of iron can cause anemia and a chronic deficiency can lead to organ failure.  But too much iron can lead to the production harmful free radicals and can interfere with metabolism. it can also cause damage to organs like the heart and liver. The human body is able to regulate the consumption of iron so getting an overdose of it is a rare chance, it only occurs when people take supplements. Absorption from the natural food is always considered safe and healthy. The body absorbs better from heme sources. Nonheme iron is better regulated causing less damage to the body. Clams, liver, sunflower seeds, nuts, beef, lamb, beans dark leafy vegetables are the good sources of iron. Daily recommended dosage of iron is 18 milligrams. Here the list of iron rich foods.

iron rich foods

Iron Rich Foods:

1.) Squash and Pumpkin Seeds- Rich Iron Source

One cup of squash and pumpkin contain about 34 mg of iron. Pumpkin is not the only winter squash that contains edible seeds but you can eat the seeds of virtually any squash variety including acorn squash. If you will compare the squash seeds with pumpkin, so they are packed with protein, healthy unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber. On the other hand, according to the U.S Department of Agriculture. Squash seeds contain more than 5 gm of fiber per one ounce of serving.  The interior kernels are an excellent source of magnesium, phosphorous, iron, Vitamin E and zinc. Like all the squash seeds, the seeds of acorn squash should be separated from the fruits slimy guts before you can eat them.  Rinse them clean in a colander, using your finger and remove the changing fiber. Put and spread out on a towel and allow them to dry thoroughly.

You can eat raw acorn squash seeds, but roasting and drying them enhances their rich nutty flavor. You can use a warm oven or a dehydrator to dry the seeds. Or you can toss them with olive oil and spread them on a foil, linked baking sheet and roast them in heat for about 10 minutes or until they begin to brown.

2.) Soybean- Iron Rich Foods

Soybean is considered as one of the best sources of iron. It contains about 8.8 gm of iron in one cup. It is also a good source of unsaturated fat, fiber, and minerals. A single cup of mature boiled soybeans contains nearly about half of the recommended amount of iron your body needs daily. Soybeans are high in a substance that blocks iron absorption called phytic acid. Soaking many beans in a warm water before cooking can reduce the phytic acid so that you can absorb more of the iron from the beans.

But there is also one problem that particularly soaking is not effective in reducing the phytic acid. You also need to ferment soybeans to bring the real change in the phytic acid. Tempeh, miso, and natto are made from fermented soybeans and so that you can absorb much more iron from them. They are considered as the powerhouse of iron. Soymilk and tofu also still contain iron inhibitor. You can still get some iron out of them.

3.) Lentils- Food Rich in Iron

Many vegans worry about not getting enough amount of iron and protein in their diets. But you not need to worry because lentils is the solution of all your problems. These colourful legumes are full of protein, iron and essential amino acid. One cup of boiled lentis contains about 6.6 mg of iron. It is one the best source of iron rich foods along with protein. They don’t require presoaking and are an inexpensive, there are dozens of types of lentis vary in color texture, size but are similar nutritionally.

A one cup of red lentis contain about 6.6 mg of iron. A man should consume about 8 mg of iron daily. Only a cup of red lentis supply 82 percent of his requirement. A women who need about 18 mg of mineral each day can contain about 37 percent of her recommendation of iron form a cup of red lentis. You can increase the amount to iron you absorb from lentis by eating the legumes with food rich in vitamin C or a animal protein.

4.) Black Beans- Iron Rich Foods

Only a one cup of boiled black beans contain about 3.6 mg of iron. They are a good sources of iron. They are very good for your health and very inexpensive. Black beans are loaded with fiber, protein, and iron that means they satisfy hunger along with providing an energy and boost you that lasts for hours. This is a great source of protein and iron for vegetarian who always worry about the consumption of protein and iron. This is one of the best iron rich foods. You can consume about 20% daily recommendation intake.

5.) Sun Dried Tomatoes- Source of Iron

Sun dried tomatoes has mouth watering taste, but this is not the only one quality of dried tomatoes. It has about 5 mg of iron in one cup or serving and contains about 139 calories. Only one cup of dried tomatoes contain nearly about 30 percent of your daily recommendation of iron. Another great thing is that you can use them in so many ways. You can add them to omelets, pizza, pasta sauce, sandwiches salads and many more things. It is also high in healthy lycopene, antioxidants and vitamin C, so you can add them to your diet to boost your health. It is one the iron rich foods that you should definitely consume.

6.) Kale – Rich Iron Source

If you need more iron in your diet but don’t want to consume more calories, so nothing can be more better than kale. It is a fat free super food that will provide your body enough amount of nutrient and only a handful of calories. It is iron rich foods with additional health benefits. You can also consume broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, they will also work same. Kale also helps to fight anemia and fatigue due to its hi iron content. If you don’t like it eating it raw so you can first sauté it. Add it to your soup or in a veg burger, or you can make a delicious kale chips in your oven or food dehydrator.

7.) Potatoes- Food Rich in Iron

They are one of the most versatile foods and they are also one of the best iron rich foods. It is a very good option for vegetarian. They are also packed with vitamin C, so it will be easier for your body to absorb the iron you need. Potatoes also work well as a side dish and main attraction. So you can combine them with other iron-rich foods for a healthy meal at any time of the day. one medium potato contains about 3.2 mg of iron and 278 calories.

8.) Oatmeal- Iron Rich Foods

If you are suffering from iron deficiency so nothing can be better for you than adding oatmeal in your diet. You can consume about 3.5 mg of iron from one cup of oatmeal. It is also full of other nutrients. Oatmeal is a fantastic health food that everyone should eat. It is easy to make and healthy breakfast food. You can also use oats to make granola, cookies and other sweet treat that are both delicious and nutritious.

9.) Sunflower Seeds- Good Source of Iron

Sunflower is not only rich in iron but it also contains enough amount of vitamin E and also packed with plenty of minerals. One cup of sunflower contains about 7.4 gms of iron. Only a cup or sunflower seeds supply nearly half of your body needs iron. So if you are not enjoying other food tasty, now it is time to switch to sunflower seeds. You can buy sunflower seeds from you local grocery store easily.

10.) Dark Chocolate- Iron Rich Foods

Most of the people know that dark chocolate is good for your heart, but they are not aware of that it is also loaded with iron. When it comes to chococlate so one can be more happier than women, they will love to consume iron from chocolate. Only about a 100 gm of dark chocolate contain about 6.5 gms of iron. Which is about 35% of your daily recommendation  But you should eat it in moderation, otherwise, you will gain some extra weight because only 100 gm of dark chocolate contain about 578 calories.

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