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Protein Rich Foods-Foods High in Protein

Our body needs proteins to function properly, and vegetables are a great source of protein. Along with vegetables, there are many protein rich foods. Protein is essential as it maintains the metabolism of the body. It is used in every single cell of our body. Protein is very important for building the muscle mass. It performs other functions like aiding digestion, balancing of hormone, supporting of neurological function or so on.  A protein deficiency can occur to any body. It can be a small child, adult or any old age person. You can get proteins from different types of foods and vegetables. Instead of going for medications, one should eat protein rich foods. Below we have listed foods high in proteins, have look at them and get rid of protein deficiency.

Causes of Deficiency of Proteins:

  • Improper Diet
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lack of exercise
  • Genetic factors
  • Obesity
  • Lack of intake of protein

Symptoms of Deficiency of Proteins:

  • Weak Metabolism
  • Trouble losing weight
  • Low energy levels
  • Muscle pain
  • Low immunity

Protein rich foods

List of Protein Rich Foods:

As protein is very essential in our diet. It helps in the overall maintenance of the body. There are many protein rich foods. Add them in your meal to fulfill the protein content in your body.

1.) Eggs- Full of Protein

Eggs are known as most healthiest and nutritious food on the planet. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and proteins. The protein content in one egg is around 6 grammes. This food has great antioxidant qualities. It boosts up the immune system of our body. Nonetheless, it helps in the absorption of nutrients of the body. It makes your bones strong and prevents you from various diseases. You can eat eggs by anyway you like. You can prepare a tasty omelette and it is a good way to start your day. Also,  you can eat boiled eggs. All you need to do is take an egg and boil it in water. Sprinkle some salt over and have it since it is one of the protein rich foods.

2.) Artichokes- Rich Source of Protein

It has been found that one medium artichokes contains 4.2 grammes of proteins. Artichoke is also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. Artichokes helps to build up the tissue through its rich protein content. Moreover, it is loaded with fiber. It helps to ease digestion and maintains the balance of the body. This veggie also contains minerals and other nutrients. It helps in the overall maintenance of the body. You can try artichokes in different ways. First of all, you can boil them to eat. Also, one can make a tasty soup with it by adding some other vegetables of your choice. Alternatively, you can cook some dessert with artichokes. Add this food in your diet, as it is very rich in proteins.

3.) Peas Among Protein Rich Foods

Peas belong to legume family. They are the good sources of proteins. Moreover, it is beneficial for the vegetarians that they can get proteins through peas. A single cup of peas is sufficient to fulfil the daily intake of proteins. It helps to keep the immune system snuff. Moreover, this green veggie is antioxidant in nature. It protects you from diseases by killing the free radicals in the body. Due to the rich protein content it keeps the muscle stronger. You can eat peas in different ways. You can directly eat them by taking them out from protective cover. Also, you can cook some delicious dish with peas.  Add the peas in your diet as it is among protein rich foods

4.) Salmon- Rich in Protein

Salmon is one of the nutritious food. It consists of lots of protein. Along with this it is loaded with vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium or so on. It helps in whole body wellness. Salmon also fulfils the demand of vitamin D by the body. This food is also enriched with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It strengthens the bones and makes the body overall strong. It is also important for heart health. Salmon also prevents ageing and improves eyesight. You can eat salmons by different ways. You can try its soup, some tasty dessert or make any dish of your choice. Add salmons in your meals as it is among protein rich foods

5.) Yogurt- Rich in Protein

Yogurt is a great source of protein. It is a combination of casein and whey proteins. Yogurt is a great source of protein. Since the most of the lactose is removed in yogurt, so it is best for the people suffering from lactose intolerance. It maintains the metabolism of the body. It is estimated that around 170 grammes of yogurt contain 17 grammes of protein. The best part of yogurt is that it is free from fat. So, add yogurt in your meals. You can simply eat them by sprinkling salt on it. Also, you can dip your favourite fruit in it and eat. Alternatively, you can try a tasty recipe with curd.

6.) Cheese- Rich Source of Protein

Cheese contains good amount of proteins. Along with this, it consists of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B-12 or so on.  It helps in building of the muscles. It also helps in the absorption of enzymes and nutrients in the body. Eating cheese also makes your bones strong. The antioxidants present in it prevent you from many diseases. You can eat cheese in different ways. First of all you can simply roast it. Also, you can put them in sandwiches or any other food of your choice. Moreover, you can also prepare a tasty dish with cheese. Start eating cheese as it is among protein rich foods.

7.) Beef  as a Protein Rich Foods

Beef is also in the list of protein rich foods. Along with this it is also rich in nutrients and other minerals. It helps in the maintenance of the body and helps in the proper functioning of the tissues. Moreover, beef is easily available and not so costly. It also makes up the muscle mass and helps in weight gain. You can eat beef in different ways. You can boil it and eat. Also, you can prepare a tasty soup with it by adding some vegetables of your choice. Alternatively, you can cook a mouth watering dish with beef. It is a very healthy food and helps you to make you fit.

8.) Chicken-High in Protein

Chicken is one of the most popular protein rich foods. The protein chicken helps in the muscle growth and supports healthy body weight loss. It also works as a natural antidepressant. It consist of amino acid called tryptophan, which eases you from stress. This food also cures the problem of osteoporosis. Chicken is also a natural supply of minerals and vitamins. It controls the blood pressure and reduces the risk of cancer. To eat chicken, all you need to do is take some chicken and boil it in water to eat. You can also make its tasty soup. Also, one can try a tasty dish with chicken. Try this food as it is among protein rich foods.

9.) Oats-Full of Protein

Oats are among the healthiest grains on the planet. It is estimated that around half a cup of oats contains 13 grammes of proteins. They are also loaded with healthy fibers, magnesium, manganese and thiamine. The well enriched nutrients in it helps in making your body fit. It is also helpful in reducing the cholesterol level of the body. It contains beta-glucan, which is an excellent fiber and eases the process of digestion. A steaming bowl of cooked oats is the best way to start your day with. You can also put milk in the oats to eat them. Alternatively, you can make any tasty recipe with oats. Try this food to complete the protein demand of the body.

10.) Broccoli-High in Protein

Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable. It is full of vitamin C, K, fiber and potassium. It is also loaded with various bioactive nutrients and believed to fight against cancer. One cup of chopped broccoli contains 3 grammes of protein. The fiber content in it helps to ease the process of digestion. Also, it is full of antioxidants. This veggie helps to kill the free radicals from the body. It makes you strong and prevents you from ageing. You can eat broccoli in different ways. One can boil them to eat. You can prepare its soup by adding water in it. Also one can try a delicious dish with broccoli. Add this protein rich veggie in your diet.

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