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How to Remove Super Glue from Skin?

The name is enough to show that superglue is a very strong glue. It can be difficult to remove from the skin. Super glue is one of the most powerful adhesives that you will come across because the bond is pretty fast and removing it becomes a very uphill task. A little amount of super glue can hold more than one ton of weight. You can imagine that what kind of bond is used to stick the furniture, broken cups, and other tools. While applying the super glue on one of this equipment, sometimes accidently it sticks to your hands or other body parts. It can be tricky to take off super glue at times. But you do not have to worry, here we have listed different remedies that you can use to remove super glue from skin, So keep reading.

remove super glue from skin

Ways to Remove Super Glue from Skin:

1.) Acetone to Remove Super Glue from Skin

Nail polish remover that helps to remove gel nails contains acetone which helps to break down the glue and helps to remove it from the surface of your skin. Take a small dish and a bottle of nail polish remover. Pour the nail polish remover in the dish. You can apply the solution in two ways. If you have glue on your thumb or finger. Submerge the affected area in the acetone and let it soak for several minutes. The second option is, if the glue is in your hand, dip a cotton swab in acetone and rub the cotton over the glue for several minutes.

As the glue dissolves, rub the finger over the area until the glue is released from the skin. Then wash your hands with the warm soapy water to remove acetone or remaining traces of glue. Finally, moisturize the area with hand lotion.

2.) Petroleum Jelly to Take off Super Glue from Skin

Gently rub a generous amount of petroleum jelly on the skin stuck with super glue. This will help to remove super glue from the skin in painless and effective manner. Rub the petroleum jelly until the product comes off to your skin. If you don’t have petroleum jelly, so you can also use vegetable or mineral oil or even a product like lip balm, that contains petroleum jelly. If you have super glue on your lip, so be sure to not to pull your lips apart. Gently rub on the lips and do this until the product comes out. make sure to gently peel super glue from all area of your skin as well. This is one of the best ways to get super glue off the skin.

3.) Salt to Get Super Glue off your Fingers

A paste made from salt and water is very effective to remove super glue from the skin. Take a small amount of water and add two tablespoons of salt to make a thick paste. Rub the paste on the affected area for about 40 to 50 seconds. Then rinse a little off and keep rubbing without adding water. Repeat until the salt has dissipated. The glue will also have lifted off too.

4.) Hand Lotion to Remove Super Glue from Skin

Applying lotion to the affected skin can also effectively take off super glue and its residue from your skin. Begin with the smaller affected area to get rid of super glue from your skin. You can use cotton or your skin to apply the lotion then gently rub it. It will definitely help to remove super glue from skin. You can use any type of hand lotion but emollient hand would be the best option. The best part of super glue is that there is no pain and side effect involved with any of these methods.

5.) Vegetable Oil to Take off Super Glue from Skin

Apply vegetable oil on the affected area to remove super glue from the skin. Vegetable oil, a common household item will help to remove the stubborn glue that is stuck to your finger or hands. Take a small dish and pour a half tablespoon of vegetable oil into it. Dip a cotton swab into the vegetable oil and rub it over the affected area until the glue softens and remove from the skin. Wash your hands with soap to remove the oil from the skin.

6.) Try Peeling Glue to Remove It

Sometimes peeling if off will be sufficient for you to remove the glue, but only in the case of, if a little amount of glue is stick on your skin. If the glue has only stuck to one finger instead of two fingers together. Go carefully, if you feel any pain or see the skin is lifting off, immediately stop. Wait for the glue to dry into a thin solid before attempting to peel it off. Avoid to touch it if it is sticky because it will stick in your other finger too. Use clean fingernails, grasp the dried glue at the corner and slowly peel it away from the skin. don’t force to peel the glue thus it can cause pain.

7.) Warm Compress to Remove Glue

Applying a warm compress on the affected area can help to soften your skin. It makes glue soften and removal of super glue easier and less painful because if you will try to remove dry glue from the skin, it will strictly attach to your skin and can be painful if you forcefully try to remove it. Boil a glass of water. The water should be boiled enough that you can dip your fingers in it. Dip a cotton or soft cloth in the water and rub it on the affected area. Try to hold the compress on for 30 seconds, then try to remove it. If it will not still remove, repeat this process and try again, then you will definitely get success.

8.) Soak the Glue to Remove it Later

Warm, soapy solution can be enough to loosen the glue from your hand. Add 1 tablespoon of mild soap in a bowl fill with warm water. Dip the affected area in a bowl for about 40 to 50 second. Soapy solution will loosen the stickiness of glue, then gently peel the softened glue away from your skin. If you cannot peel the glue away from your nails, so you can use spoon handle over the area to help lift it up. It is possible that you need to make several attempts before having success. You can also try to use half part of lemon juice and half part of water to make the solution. The acidic juice can help to peel away  the glue.

 9.) Remove Super Glue from Lips

If the super glue is stick on your lips, so you need to act quickly to ensure that your lips do not stick together. Removing super glue from the skin is a very delicate process. Boil a bowl of water and immediately immerse your lips into the bowl. You can also allow your saliva to build up in your mouth and push this away on your lips. Once the glue gets wet from inside and outside. Carefully start to peel this off the lips. Saliva is going to help you to remove the residue left behind. Be careful not to ingest any of this residue while eating or drinking.

10.) Remove Super Glue From Eyes

When super glue comes in contact with eyes, there is no need to get panic it will also get remove easily like your finger and hands. Soak a cloth in warm water, gently rub this cloth to the eyelid where the super glue is located. After doing this apply a patch to the eye. It will take 3 to 4 days for the super glue to wear off. You can also allow your tears to flow freely to dislodge super glue. After that, you can use a warm water to rinse it out the eye if needed. Don’t use harsh solution to your eyes as it can harm your eye.

11.) Flush Skin with Soap and Water

Before you begin any measure to remove super glue from skin, rinse off your skin with warm and soapy water. This will help to loosen the super glue and prepare your skin for removal. You can use any mild soap to clean your skin. The water should not be too hot when rinsing your skin, so it can burn your skin. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature of water. Temperature between 36 to 40 degree will be good for you.

12.) Lemon to Remove Super Glue from Skin

Another home remedy that can help you to get rid of the super glue is our very own lemon. It helps to remove even the stubborn glue from your skin. All you have to do is scratch glue as much as possible, then instead of water use lemon juice to wash your hands. It has acidic agents that come in the favor. For a fruitful result use salt along the lemon juice. Salt has abrasive properties that promote the process. However, do not use this method if your skin burnt or has cut.

13.) Olive Oil to Get Rid of a Super Glue

Olive oil is also a nice solution to take off the glue from the skin. Moreover, it is a good moisturizer as well. Thus it won’t be harsh to your skin. All you have to do is take some olive oil in your palm and run it thoroughly on the skin. After rubbing take some salt, and rub it. Continue rubbing until the glue goes completely. You can also use cooking oil such as canola oil, peanut oil or any other which is not harsh to the skin.

14.) Amery Board to Take Off the Super Glue

If the superglue is left a little, you can use an emery board to remove it. File the skin with the help of the emery board. This is quite tricky though but it will give you an effective result. Do this with utter precaution otherwise you will end hurting yourself.

 15.) Rub Butter on Skin

Rub butter on the affected area. Place a small amount of butter on the blade of a knife. Remove the butter from the knife with your fingers. Massage the butter on the affected area with your fingertips until the glue detaches from your skin. Wash your hands with soap water after glue removes from the skin. This is one of the best ways to remove super glue from skin.

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