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How to Stop Hair Loss?

stop hair loss

There is nothing more attractive than a thick head of hair, a hair can show a big difference in your appearance. But don’t worry you are not alone if you are suffering from hair loss. Hair loss is a problem that …

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How to Check for Lice?

how to check for lice

Lice (pediculosis) are parasites that live on human hair, scalp and in clothes. They gain nourishment by feeding off human blood. Head lice, in particular, are very common. It is possible that you may have got head lice at least …

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How to Grow Long Hair?

grow long hair

There are no shortcuts in growing  long  and strong hair but you can enhance the process of growing. On average, hair grows about half an inch per month. Many things depend on your hair growth like your general health, well-being, …

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Home Remedies for Hair Growth

home remedies for hair growth

This article is about home remedies for hair growth. Long hair is plus point to your personality. Everybody desires long, beautiful and shiny hair. These are very important for our looks. It gives you distinct personality. Hair loss can affect …

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How to Prevent Hair Loss?

how to prevent hair loss

This article is about how to prevent hair loss. Hair loss is also known as alopecia, which refers to a loss of hair from the head or any body part. It can be in a small area or the entire …

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How to Catch Fruit Flies?

catch fruit flies

Fruit flies are very harmful and the home of many diseases, they carry many harmful bacteria which can make you sick. They sit on our foods and make them harmful for us to eat. Fruit flies have a very short …

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How to Get Rid of Bats?

get rid of bats

Many people believe that bats are mysterious mammals. They come in the category of mammals because they don’t lay egg, they give birth to a baby. In some places, people believe that it is a bad sign if bats enter the …

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How to Kill Gnats?

kill gnats

Gnats are two-winged flying creature that look-alike mosquitoes, which are small in size but enough to irritate you. They can harm you, your kids, pets, plant and kitchen wares. Gnats carry parasites and spread diseases in human. They lay their …

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How to Make Hair Grow Faster?

Make Hair Grow Faster

There are no shortcuts to grow long and strong hair. On average, hair grows about a half an inch per month, but it varies from person to person. Your general health, diet and genetic factors affect your rate of hair …

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