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How to Apply Blush?

This article is about how to apply a blush. It’s a dream of every lady to look younger and pretty. And what best can the makeup. A makeup can instantly give you a desired look. Who does not like the plumpy apples on the cheeks. And that can be easily achieved by the applying blush.  It’s adds beauty to your face. Moreover, it makes you look younger. Blush comes up with many  colors. However, one should know the technique to apply the blush otherwise you might end looking like a clown. Read more, the best way to apply blush.

how to apply blush

Ways to How to Apply Blush:

You can follow some simple steps to know how to apply blush. These are very simple and easy to apply.

1.) Color of Skin to Apply Blush

Try to pick the color that reflects your skin tone when you blush naturally. Select a color that matches your facial features and that won’t stand out. For white or pale skin tone buy a soft pink or may be even the shades of rose pink and you can also try peach blush. For dark skin bright red, berry red or light color is best. It is suggested that to select the right color of blush, make a fist for about ten seconds, and the resulting color is the perfect match for your skin tone.

Before you apply blush, you need to buy the same color of blush which suits your complexion or matches your skin. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an instant match for your skin tone. On the other hand, if you’re having difficulty choosing between a few shades of blush, then there is a simple way to help you pick the right color. Go to a parlor and try some colors of blush. Apply it and notice for some time. You can also mix two colors depending upon your skin color.

2.) Skin Type to Apply Blush

Now that you know your skin color, choose the right formula for your skin type. For oily and combo skin types powder is typically the best. For oily skin liquid and gel do wonders. Cream is great for normal to dry skin. You must find the correct formula of blush to suit your skin type. There are wide varieties of blush, so you can always choose on which matches your skin type. But overall, there are three main formulas. Knowing your skin type is an important part. As it can cause side effects to your cheeks if wrong blush is chosen.

3.) Work Out to Apply Blush

Once you’ve decided on the color and formula of your skin and blush, you can move to next step. First you need to put some base like foundation on your cheeks. After a base, apply a blush. The basic function of a foundation is to hide up the slight imperfections on your skin and provide a smooth surface.  It hides the darkness, blemishes and spots of your skin.

4.) Pick Right Brush to Apply Blush

Brush is a key to a smooth and flawless finishing. Use blush brush like pros. Do not use a small or a cheap brush. Because it will give a cheap look and it won’t lift your cheeks when you’ll smile. Always keep in mind to avoid make shift items such as cotton wool balls as these do not work well with pigment blush. A kabuki brush is the best to apply blush. For cream and liquid types of blushes, a foam makeup sponge seems like the best to apply. This brush will provide the even and smooth coverage. As brush is the most important tool that will decide your style of makeup. It is very necessary to choose a right type of brush to have good makeup.

5.) Prepare Your Face to Apply Blush

The first step before you can apply blush. Wash your face with a good quality face wash. Now put a foundation that will fill up the surface and makes the area smooth. Apply a moisturizer as a primer. It will help you to get flawless makeup. After this, start applying a blush according to your skin type. Note what type of blush you are using. If you are using a powder blush then lightly sweep a medium-sized fluffy brush through the blush and then tap it to remove any excess, if you are using a cream or gel, dab with a little blush. Always remember that it is easier to add more to your face then to take off too much.

6.) Make a Fish Face to Apply Blush.

Making a fish shape face will help you to get a right blush. This will help you find the apple of your cheeks. Do not smile while applying blush, that will bring your cheeks too low. After applying the blush to the apples of your cheeks blend it well so even if you put too much you can calm it down. Bleanding is very important since it will give right tone to the cheeks.

7.) Know the Area to Apply Blush

Before applying a blush, know the areas where the blush should be applied. Apply the blush to the center of the apple on one side of  your face, blending the color along your cheek bones. And if you are using cream or gel blush, dab the color first, and then use your finger tips or a makeup sponge to blend it in. For most natural look you can just simply concentrate on the apples of your cheeks and blend well. Dust of the excess to avoid rosy cheeks.

8.) Final Touch to Apply Blush

Giving a final touch plays an important role in you makeup. Last and the final thing you have to do is dust off your look with a sweep of translucent powder that will bring the inner warmth.  Now you’re are all set to blooms like a flower. Apply the blush with a gentle stroke. Do not apply it too much. It should look natural.

Apply Blush According to Shape of Your face:

Blush is a very important part of makeup. It is something that cannot be ruled out. Blush helps make your beautiful face glow, radiant and also makes it look lovely. Here are some simple ways to apply blush according to shape of your face.

1.) Heart Shape Face

For a heart-shaped face, put some blush on your blush. Knock the excess. Now apply blush in C shape. Apply it from down to cheek bone. Use more product towards cheek bone. Diffuse it in upwards direction. Don’t do it in excess. Go with the flow. This method will enhance the beauty of blush. This method will help you to highlight your jaw line and will give you perfect shape of your face.

2.) Oblong Face Shape

For a rectangular or oblong shaped face, take your brush towards nose and bring it near to temple bone. If you  are finding it difficult, you can also make the highlights. Now fill that highlights with your brush. Do it with softer hands. Don’t apply much pressure as it can ruin your make up.

3.) Square Face Shape

To apply blush on a square face you need to hit the cheekbone. From one corner of your cheekbone, take brush to the other side of cheek. Extend it slowly towards the hairline. Do it in very light motion. Just sweep the brush starting from lower end of cheek bone to upper side. This method will give you good results and will highlight your blush.

4.) Round Face Shape

If you have your cheeks to the fullest, means you have a round face. To apply blush on round face, look in the mirror. Smile and take the brush in the direction to ear lobe. Do it gently with soft hand. After completing the earlobe section, apply  brush towards the corner of eye brows. Try this method to apply blush for a beautiful make up. This method will help you to highlight your jaw line and will give you perfect shape of your face.

5.) Oval Face Shape

To apply blush on oval face,you need to take your brush towards your cheekbone. Start from a cheekbone and take it up to the earlobe. Do it gently with soft hands. Add the end also put blush near the temple bone. This method will help you to highlight your jaw line and will give you perfect shape of your face.

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