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How to Apply Bronzer?

It is a dream of everybody to look beautiful. Makeup not only hides your imperfection in fact it inhances your facial features also. There are many steps for a complete makeup. Bronzer is one of them. If you feel a pale color skin or a damp skin, you can go for a bronzer. It has a powerful impact on the looks and makes the skin to glow. Some people apply bronzer all over the face But it is a wrong process. There are specific areas on your face, where bronzer should be applied. You can read the steps and follow them to apply a bronzer

how to apply bronzer

Ways to Apply Bronzer:

If you are wondering how to apply bronzer, no need to worry. Here are some simple steps which you can use to apply bronzer.

1.)  Choose a Bronzer to Apply Bronzer

This is the first step to apply bronzer. First of all one should remember that the purpose of bronzer is to darken the complexion. It is very important to choose the right color of bronzer.  You should go for the bronzer which is darker than your complexion. Wrong color of bronzer can completely change your skin tone. Generally, your bronzer should be two times darker than your skin complexion. You can test it on your arms and match your skin tone. If you are having a fair skin tone, try for honey-colored bronzer. For a medium complexion, a rose color bronzer is recommended. For a darker skin complexion, amber or bronze color bronzer should be used.

You should go for two different colors of bronzers, if you suffer from pale skin in winter and tanned skin in summers. This will warm your skin tone and helps you to look beautiful.

2.) Get a Bronzer Brush to Apply Bronzer

These are many brushes available in the market to apply blush. If you have a fat face, go for fluffy brush. Choose a round, wide brush for good results. There are specialized brush available that can give you an even skin tone. Moreover, you can use a foundation brush. These brushes are easily available and not so costly.

3.) Put Foundation Before Bronzer

Before applying a bronzer, it is very important to go for foundation. As makeup is a stepwise process. After applying foundation according to your skin tone and a concealer, apply bronzer. It should be evenly spread on your face. Apply it on the neck and collarbones. It will give you a more natural look. Choosing a right color foundation is also important for an attractive makeup. There are many colors of foundations available in the market. You can try some of them according to your skin tone.

4.) Dip Brush Evenly in Bronzer for Attractive Makeup

You should carefully swirl the brush evenly in the packet of bronzer. Also dab the brush, if you find an extra bronzer on your brush. It is best to first apply a light layer of bronzer. After this also, if you find that still you have an uneven skin tone, apply a second layer. Spread it evenly. Applying this method can improve your uneven makeup.

5.) Shimmer Bronzer to Look Beautiful

Shimmer is great if it is applied subtle. Bronzers that are full of shimmer works better on a lighter skin. It sparkles your look. But if you are having a darker complexion, don’t go for it. One can try a bronzer with a minimum amount of shimmer. You can highlight your cheekbones, jaw line or so on. One can apply on the neck, chest, according to your skin tone.

6.)  Apply Bronzer in Dark Areas

You should apply bronzer in the areas where you have patchy or uneven skin. It will give you a natural stroke. First of all, use light stroke and if your skin still looks dark, apply an another layer. Also, apply bronzer to the forehead and cheekbones. Don’t forget to cover the jawline. Do this process correctly. It should be done on either side of your face.

7.) Apply Bronzer in Daylight

To avoid a heavy bronzer, you should apply in a place with sufficient light. If you can do this process in daylight, it would be wonderful. You can watch the streaks, patchy skin in sufficient light. If you find that, you have applied bronzer in excess, take a cotton pad to remove it. You can also apply a little base powder to hide the excess bronzer.

Hidden benefits to Apply Bronzers:

Ladies! When you think to apply bronzer on your face, it not only gives you a sexy look but is has lots of benefits.

1.) Prevention from UV Rays

Exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun that can be extremely harmful to your body. Studies show that skin tan can cause you cancer. The harmful rays from the sun, hits your dermis and damages it. Along with a sunscreen, bronzer is also a safe and easy-to-use option. It can protect you from tanning. It works as a layer on the skin and prevents the harmful radiations of the sun to penetrate. So along with a sunscreen, you can also go for a bronzer.

2.) Working of Bronzer for a Natural Makeup

Bronzers contain an active ingredient known as DHA. It produces a golden glow unlike an artificial orange blunt color. Bronzer naturally darkens your skin because of the self-tanning ingredient present in it. It has been found that self-tanners ingredients contain 4-5% DHA whereas bronzers contain 2-3% DHA. Bronzers are also called as quick makeup. It can last up to a week, if we talk about the tanning part. Moreover, it depends on the brand of your bronzer. It should be fast drying and contains natural color. You can wash bronzers with a mild soap or a face wash. But there are many bronzers which can last long even for a week.

3.) Bronzer Type with Hidden Benefits

Bronzers come in different types like creams and quick sprays and gels. If we see the example of the Jungle Bronze Spray, it lasts for six to seven days.  These sprays also contain vitamins A, C,    and E, that are healthy for the skin. It maintains your skin glow without damaging it. These bronzers are also great in anti-oxidants. Cream bronzers are also recommended if you desire for a beautiful makeup. If you want to develop a permanent bronze, you can opt to use a daily bronzer. It accumulates on the skin and results to a natural looking tan. Check the bottle before you buy it, whether it carries DHA bronzers or not.

4.) Get Even Skin Tone with Bronzer

Before applying a bronzer you should keep some steps in your mind that your skin should be clean and dry. Remove the jewelry and wear as a shower cap to protect your scalp from stains. Now apply a bronzer in a rotating motion. Be sure to avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, eyelids, and the lips. In applying different layers of bronzer, make sure that you consider your different skin tone. For example, you should put less bronzer on your face if it is lighter than your color of arms. Moreover, to achieve a sun-kissed look in your makeup, you should face towards sun.

Notice that where the sun is hitting your face. Bronzers hide blemishes, damp skin and patchy areas. Go for a little bronzer on the wrinkles, as it highlights the wrinkles. Apply it evenly on every required part of the face and neck. It will also help you to hide the pimples on the face. Go even and smooth while applying it. Amaze yourself with a wonderful look

5.) Other Benefits of Applying Bronzer

A bronzer can highlight the features such as a wide nose. It is always recommended to choose a shade lighter than your skin. You can test it first on a small part of your face to know if it will look natural. It will help you to look beautiful. Using a powder brush to apply bronzer on both sides of the nose is also suggested. As it helps to hide the darker areas near the nose.  Brush more on your cheeks and forehead to balance the make up. Then take your foundation, concealer or powder to blend the bronzer. A little shadow should create the illusion of a narrower nose. This will help to with a highlighted broad nose. You can easily do this at home, by keeping some simple steps in your mind.

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