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How to Apply Eye Shadow?

In this article, we will discuss how to apply eye shadow. Nicely done dramatic eyes can make you look so incredible. But for that, you have to work on your eye makeup to get that perfect look. Eye shadows are such a thing that can give you any intense or dramatic look you desire. Some find applying eye shadows a painstaking job. If you too find it troublesome, this article is probably for you. Here we have list down all the steps to apply eye shadow. Before you began with the application make sure you have these products right by your side.

Requirements to Apply Eyeshadow

  • An eyeliner
  • Eyeshadows
  • Eye primer
  • Eye cream
  • A mascara
  • Moisturizer
  • A kohl pencil
  • Eye makeup brushes

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Steps to Apply Eyeshadow:

1.) Prepare the Area to Apply Eye Shadow

Before you apply any makeup it is very important to prepare that area. Clean the area around your eyes thoroughly, now apply a moisturizer or an eye cream of your choice and gently massage. After your eyes have soaked the cream apply eye primer this will create a perfect base for your eyeshadow and help the makeup stay for longer. In case you do not want to go with an eye primer you can use a concealer matching with the skin tone of your eye area. Apply this concealer with a small beauty blender or eye brush and seal it with a translucent powder. This step will make your eye area appear more even and help make up last longer.

2.) Determine the Shape of your Eyes to Apply Eye Shadow

Once you are done with the first step you can move on to applying eyeshadow. For this, you need to determine the shape of your eyes and accordingly choose makeup style that will enhance them. The area includes eyebrow bone, the crease, and eyelids, it is also important to select a shade for each one of these.

  • Always use a texture like a shimmer/ sparkling gold/ frost shine on eyelids only and the matte texture on the crease.
  • Apply darker shades like black, dark brown to contour the eyes and the lighter shade to bring pop to the eyes.
  • Take a flat eyeshadow applicator brush and start applying the shimmering texture on the eyelids preferably in a patting motion. Start applying the color on the center and sweep it lightly to the inner corner then on the outer corner. Deposit more of it on the lid to intensify the look.

3.) Choose a Shade to Apply Eyeshadow

For the crease area choose a slightly darker shade which will define the shape of your eyes. Here you can choose colors like deep gray, black, deep browns, dark purple, move etc. First, apply this color on the outer corner, and then take the color half way through the eyelid using a fluffy blending brush. Keep blending the color till it begins to look softer and well mixed. For the brow bone use a light shade and apply it just below your eyebrow to give  a cleaner look, you can also choose a shiny texture for it.

4.) Kohl Pencil to Apply Eye Shadow

If you want to go for a smoky effect use a black kohl pencil on the lower lash line. Smudge it little by little using a smudger or a pencil brush. Use a white or beige colored kohl pencil and apply it on the lower rims of your eyes it instantly make them look more fresh and bigger than usual.

5.) Define your Eyes

Use black eyeliner to define our eyes. Start applying the liner from the inner corner of your eyes and then using small strokes extend it to the length you want. You can keep it simple and apply it just till the outer corner or extend it till your brow line for a more dramatic look.

6.) Mascara to Apply Eye Shadow

To complete the look, use a mascara. You can also apply fake eyelashes using eyelash glue and apply more coats of mascara to it so that it blends with your natural eyelashes.

Some Quick Tips to Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly:

  • It is important that you invest in a good eye primer as this will reflect the true colors of your eyeshadow and help it make up stay for a long time.
  • It’s a good idea to first finish your eye makeup then move to the base makeup. Because your eyeshadow might fall out around or under the eye area and correcting it would ruin the base makeup too. So by doing eye makeup first you can quickly clean the areas that need correction without spoiling rest of makeup.
  • You can define the crease area using a pencil brush and then blend it using a fluffy blending brush that way there would be less chances of errors.
  • Eyeshadows are available in powder, cream, and pressed form. Select the one that works best for you. Cream textured eyeshadows can be a perfect base for powder eyeshadows.
  • When you have deep set eyes or hooded eyes you should try to apply the eye makeup with your eyes open rather than closing them. In this way, creases color would be more visible and your eyes would not look tired.
  • If you find it difficult to apply shade on the outer corner of your eyes, then you can draw a ‘#’ sign with an eye pencil of the same color and blend it immediately.
  • In case you have applied base makeup and want to avoid eyeshadow fall out, you can apply translucent powder or any transparent powder around the eyes before getting started. After you are done with eye makeup, sweep off the powder using any brush.

Eyeshadow According to Color of Your Eye:

1.) Eyeshadow Colors for Black Eyes:

Dark eyeshadow colors, also all the intense and vibrant shades are best for black eyes. For e.g. purple, dark blue dark brown all these shades add contrast and intensify black eyes.

2.) Eyeshadow Shades for Blue Eyes:

Avoid using aqua or greenish blue colors for eyeshadow as they will grapple with your natural eye color. Instead go for Taupe’s, pink, purples, green and peach.

3.) Eyeshadow Shades for Green Eyes:

The medium green color is a big no no for green eyed people. Burgundy Warm, Deep violets,Light Greens,Taupe’s, and Purples are good options for them.

4.) Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes:

People with Brown eyes can experiment any color they want as any color would suit them and they will pull it off nicely.

5.) Eyeshadow Colors for Neutral/Earthy Color Tones:

Purple is a wonderful shade to go for people with neutral or earthy colored eyes and so is teal which will give a dramatic look. Avoid using blue color for eye shadow as it will only make the whole look dull.

6.) Consider Your Skin Tone to Apply Eye Shadow

It is also very important that you consider skin tone before applying an eye makeup. Because if your skin tone is pale or light going for a shade that is less intense would work best and if you have olive or darker skin complexion any intense shade would just look fine. Eyeshadow should always complement your skin tone as well as eyes, but should not overpower them.

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