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Home Remedies For Burns Treatment

In this article, we shall discuss various home remedies for burns. The true definition of a burn is a severe injury to the skin that results in the damage and death of the affected skin cells. A burn can occur through direct or prolonged exposure to the sun, fire, hot liquids, chemicals or steam.

The results of a burn range from being mildly uncomfortable to possibly life-threatening. Most simple burns can be treated at home. However, serious burns would require medical attention. For minor burns, you may employ the following remedies. But first, let us look at the types of burns.

Types of Burns:

The severity of a burn is determined by the degree and depth to which it affects the skin. There are 3 basic degrees with which to categorize burns.

  • First-Degree Burns: This category consists of the most superficial burn wounds. This is because they affect only the outermost layer of the skin. It is characterized by redness, minor inflammations and swelling, and pain. This typically heals in 7-10 days without scarring. Sometimes accompanied by dry, peeling skin while it heals.
  • Second-Degree Burns: This category of burns is more serious as it goes past the top layer of skin. It is characterized by the extremely red, sore and blistered skin. These burns may take more than 3 weeks to heal. While they do not usually scar, there is a difference in the pigment of the skin. Depending on how bad the blisters are, they may pop or burst open.
  • Third-Degree Burns: This category consists of the most severe burns. This type of burn goes deep past all the layers of the skin. You are most likely to experience nerve damage from this category of burn. As a result of this, and the shock, you may not even feel the pain. The appearance depends mostly on the cause of the burn. Third-degree burns can be categorized by either waxy and white color skin, char, dark brown color of the skin, or a raised and leathery texture, with blisters that do not fully develop. There is no set healing time for this type of burn.

home remedies for burns

Home Remedies for Burns:

Most people accidently burn themselves at some point. These superficial burns, however, can develop small and painful blisters if not treated in time. Thankfully, to treat these minor burns, you do not have to look further than your own kitchen. Read on to see various home remedies for burns.

1.) Aloe Vera to Treat Burns

Aloe Vera is well-known among effective home remedies for burns. The astringent and tissue-healing properties present help to speed up the healing process of the burns. In addition, the cooling nature of Aloe Vera helps to ease the pain of the burn.

  • Cut off a small piece of the leaf from the Aloe Vera plant. Split this open and apply the fresh gel directly on the burn.
  • Alternatively, mix 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Apply this mixture to the burn wound.
  • If the fresh aloe vera plant is unavailable to you, then Aloe Vera gel can be easily obtained at any natural health store. Otherwise, replace this with an Aloe Vera based cream.

2.) Soothe Burns with Black Tea

Black tea seems like another leading one in home remedies for burns. Black tea is loaded with tannic acid. This compound helps to draw heat out of the burn. This helps to reduce the pain and inflammation. Follow these steps to use black tea on minor burns.

  • Fill a jug with hot water. Into this, add three tea bags and allow to steep for a few minutes.
  • Let the solution cool to an acceptable warmth. Now soak a clean, cotton cloth in this. Place it over the affected area. Reapply as needed.
  • Alternatively, place once-used black tea bags in the refrigerator to chill. After about 20 minutes, place these chilled tea bags directly on the burn.

3.) Cool Water for Treating Burns

You would think that ice is better to treat burns. But in reality, ice can restrict the blood flow to the burn area. In addition, it probably will damage the delicate tissues even further. Hence, cool water is the better in home remedies for burns on the skin.

  • Gently run cool water or place cool compresses over the burn area for 10 minutes.
  • Place the burn area directly under a running tap as quickly as possible.
  • The cool water will help stop the burn from spreading.

4.) Oatmeal to Relieve Burns

When any wound heals, they may be itchy. And so, as minor burns heal, they can become itchy. Under home remedies for burns, oatmeal is a good way to soothe this itching.

  • Prepare yourself a lukewarm bath in the bathtub. As the tub fills, put 1 cup uncooked and crumbled oatmeal into it.
  • Soak yourself in this preparation for 15-20 minutes. Allow your body to air dry so that a thin coating of oatmeal remains on your skin.

Note: Be cautious while getting in and out of the tub, since oatmeal makes surfaces slippery.

5.) Lime and Coconut Remedy for Burns

This is very effective among home remedies for burns. The combination of lemon juice and coconut oil are excellent for minor burns. The acidic proponents of lemon juice aid to lighten scars. Meanwhile, coconut oil contains vitamin E and other fatty acids like myristic acid and lauric acid, which contain antioxidizing, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

  • To use this remedy, mix equal parts of coconut oil and lemon juice. Now directly apply it to the area of the burns.
  • This treatment is best used for burns caused by scalding.

6.) Treat Burns with Lavender Oil

Here is one other cure in the home remedies for burns. Lavender essential oil is known to possess both antiseptic and pain-relieving properties. In addition, the oil will also reduce the risk of scarring. Read below to see how to use lavender essential oil on minor burns.

  • Into 2 cups of water, add 5 drops of lavender oil and blend.
  • Soak a clean cloth in this and use it as a compress.
  • Direct application of lavender oil is possible once it has been diluted with some neutral mineral oil.
  • Alternatively, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply this on the burn area twice or thrice a day till it heals.

7.) Raw Potato to Treat Burns

Raw potato falling under home remedies for burns may surprise you. But it has been shown that this remedy is effective in healing burns. Raw potato works as a natural anti-irritant. In addition, it helps to curb the formation of blisters.

  • Take a medium size potato and wash it clean. Dry this and cut several slices.
  • Now, gently rub the raw potato on and around the burn.
  • Make sure the potato juices are being rubbed into the burned skin.
  • Alternatively, you can grate a raw potato to extract its juice. Using a clean cloth, soak it in this and use as a compress.

8.) Vinegar to Cure Burns

Vinegar contains natural astringent and antiseptic properties. These give it the ability to kill pathogens and prevent infection. In addition to reducing the damage of alkaline burns, it diminishes the pain. It reduces the swelling and neutralizes the sting of the minor burns. This is among the best home remedies for burns as it helps to speed up the healing process.

  • Dilute white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in an equal amount of water. Use the solution to rinse the burned area.
  • Later, cover the injured area with a cloth soaked in diluted vinegar. Replace the cloth with a fresh one every two to three hours.

9.) Honey Treatment for Burns

This is amongst 100% natural home remedies for burns. This sweet syrup contains many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And so, honey can disinfect and help heal burns. As well as this, it reduces the chances of developing scars. In addition, it is a natural moisturizer and soothes the dry, healing skin of the burn.

  • Apply a thick layer of honey on the burn. Now, cover the area with a soft cloth and secure with some surgical tape.
  • Let it stay this way  for a few hours. After, remove the cloth and wash the area with cold water.
  • Repeat the process 3-4 times a day to treat burns.

10.) Cure Burns with Egg Whites

Another one in unusual but effective home remedies for burns is egg white. To use egg whites, separate several whites from yolks. Now, soak the burned skin in the egg whites. Leave it on to soak for several hours. Soon you will see that you will no longer feel the pain associated with the burn injury.

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