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How to Clean Mold?

This article explains about, how to clean mold. A neat and clean house is liked by everyone. It is a center of attraction for everybody. But sometimes it may happen that you see some black fungus like appearance on your walls of bathroom or kitchen. This fungus is called mold. It usually grows in damp, warm conditions where there is very less air flow. It is simply grown in humid regions on the walls, near leaking pipes, moisture walls. Mold is also called mildew. It spreads on the surface and is untreated. Mold can cause respiratory diseases, allergies, itchiness or uneasiness. Sometimes it smells very pungent. If you are finding some mold near the corners, you can easily treat it. These are many chemicals which are easily available in the market. You can easily treat the mold by applying some home remedies.

However, cleaning mold with bare hands can be harmful. You have to keep some precautions like wearing gloves, washing hands after cleaning or so on. Preventing mold also requires controlling the moisture source. It can also treated by using a dehumidifier or just fixing a leak.

Causes of Molds:

  • Poor Hygiene
  • Moisture
  • Humidity

 Symptoms of Molds:

  • Spotted towels
  • Musty floor
  • Stained furniture
  • Fungus on walls

how to clean mold

Remedies to Clean Mold:

If you are planning to clean mold from walls or furniture of your house, try some simple home remedies. These are very simple to use.

1.) Bleach to Get Rid of Mold

Bleach can be used to prevent mold. It is an active ingredient which cleans the mold from deep inside. The bleach, which you can try is chlorine. Chlorine cleans the mold which is present on the surface of walls, furniture, or some other damp places.  Moreover, chlorine absorbs the water content and prevents the moisture. The other bleach you can use is sodium hypochlorite. This is also a bleaching compound which removes the intact mold. To use this remedy, take a spoon of sodium hypochlorite, in water. Dissolve it. Now sprinkle it on the floors of  bathrooms, walls or so on. Remember that not to use these chemicals in excess, as they can damage the materials. Moreover, they shouldn’t be touched with bare hands, as they can damage your skin.

2.) Ammonia to Clean Mold

Cleaning mold with ammonia can be a good choice. It is a very effective disinfectant and do a good job. Ammonia is very cheap and is very easily available. You can use ammonia in kitchen, bathroom walls of sinks. Ammonia kills the bacteria which cause mold. It is very an active ingredient and which shields up the affected walls or furniture. Ammonia kills mold from its root. To use this remedy, take some ammonia and mix it in a tub of water.  Now spill that water on walls, bathrooms, sinks or other affected areas. You can also take a piece of cloth. Clean the surface by dipping the cloth in ammonia and rubbing it. Remember that ammonia can damage your skin if it is used with bare hands. Always wear gloves.

 3.) Tea Tree Oil to Prevent Mold

Using tea tree oil to clean mold is a natural remedy. Tea tree oil is antifungal and antibacterial nature. It is capable of killing the mold  naturally. Moreover, it does not harm people or pets. To use tea tree oil, mix one teaspoon of it into the water. Put it into a spray bottle. Now spray this solution on the affected surface.  You can leave  the tea tree oil as it is. No need to clean it as it will prevent the returning of mold. Alternatively, you take a cloth. Soak it in the solution of tea tree oil and water. Strain it. Now rub that cloth on the mold to clean it.  Do it until the mold completely cleans. As tea tree oil has a strong smell. So it has the potential to clean the mold and prevents its further spreading.

4.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Mold

Hydrogen peroxide kills molds as it is anti-fungal and antibacterial in nature. It is a good alternative to chlorine. It is very safe and doesn’t cause harm to the environment.  Hydrogen peroxide kills the molds very effectively from the materials like floors, bathroom, tiles or so on. It is very easily available from the market.  To use this remedy, take some hydrogen peroxide into the spray bottle. Now add water in it. Spray this solution in the affected area. Keep this for some time. This will kill the mold and mold strains. You can also mop the affected surface with this solution. This is a very effective method and will give you amazing results.

 5.) Baking Soda to Get Rid of Mold

Baking soda is well-known natural and household cleaner. It is alkaline in nature.  Baking soda kills the mold and is harmless to pets or family members. Moreover, it prevents the smell of mold and its further growth. Baking soda absorbs the excess moisture and won’t allow the growth of mold. To use this remedy, take around half a teaspoon of baking soda and some water in a spray bottle. Dissolve it by shaking.  Now spray it on the  mold. Alternatively, you can mop the surface with baking soda and water. Try baking soda to clean mold. It will not cause any side effects.

 6.) Borax to Prevent Mold

Borax is a natural cleaning product. It doesn’t emit dangerous fumes like other chemicals. Some people use it as a deodorizer as well as cleaning the toilet. Moreover, it is used as an insecticide and fungicide. Borax is easily available in the markets and laundry sections. You can use borax to treat mold in different ways. Take some water and mix borax in it.  Dissolve it. Now with the help of mop, clean the affected area. You can also spray this solution on the mold. It will kill the mold and prevents its further spreading.

7.) Grapefruit to Get Rid of Mold

Grapefruit is a natural killer against mold. The advantage of using grapefruit is that it spreads no odor. It is easily available at the grocery stores. Moreover, it is citrus in nature prevents the spreading of mold. To use this remedy, take some grapefruit extract in a spray bottle. Now put it in a spray bottle. Spray this on the molded area. Leave it for an hour. Now clean the surface with normal water. Alternatively, you can dip a cloth in the solution of grapefruit and water. Strain the cloth. Now wipe the floor, tiles, or other affected areas.  Repeat this remedy, until you completely get rid of the problem.

8.) Vinegar to Clean Mold

Using vinegar to get rid of mold is also an effective remedy. As it is acidic in nature. It kills the mold by lowering down its pH. It is non-toxic, safe and a natural remedy.  Moreover, it so not gives out the dangerous fumes like chlorine.  To kill mold, take white colored vinegar. It is inexpensive and easily available in the market. Put some vinegar in the spray bottle. Now sprinkle it on  molded area. Leave it for one hour. Wipe out the area with water. Alternatively, you the mop the area with vinegar and water. It will prevent the growing of the mold again.

9.) Distilled Ethanol to Clean Mold

Using ethanol can be a good remedy to clean mold.  It is a disinfectant and naturally kills the mold. You can apply ethanol on windows, tiles, furniture or so on. It removes the stains. To use this remedy, take some ethanol. Add it in water. Put this solution in a spray bottle. Now spray it on the affected area. Keep it for sometime. Use this remedy, until you completely get rid of the problem. Alternatively, you can mop the area with a mixture of ethanol and water. This is a very effective remedy and is very simple to use. Try ethanol and see the amazing results.

10.) Seal Grout and Tile to Prevent Mold

Sealing grout and tiles can be a good option to prevent molds. It prevents the excess moisture.  You can seal the areas by using clay, cement or wax. This will prevent the further growth of mold. If the problem of the mold is in excess, it is better to get your tiles replaced with new ones.  Refurnishing the house time to time will help to get rid of mold.  This is a simple remedy with no use of dangerous chemicals. Try this method to kill mold.

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