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Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Almost 70 million of U.S adults are suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. You will not even feel things over the years, even decades, while the damage to your cardiovascular system mounts. But one day when you are doing a workout or just simply relaxing, it just happens to you. A heart attack or heart stroke that end up or forever alters your life. High blood pressure is almost affecting one in every three Americans, once their blood pressure rises it is hard to bring down. For most people, this problem involves in exercising regularly, taking medicines, relaxing and sleeping more and hardest part of this is changing your eating habit. Controlling the blood pressure is the most important thing you can do to yourself to improve your health and increase your lifespan. Here is the list of foods that lower blood pressure.

foods that lower blood pressure

List of Foods that Lower Blood Pressure:

1.) Beetroot to Lower your Blood Pressure

Nitrites and nitrate are the compounds that play an important role in the metabolic system. Many believe that nitrites and nitrate are unnatural. But they are commonly added to foods as preservatives, but they are also naturally produced by your body for saliva.  Nitrites and nitrates can be converted into two different compounds called nitric oxide which is a good compound and nitrosamines which are very bad compound. Nitrosamines are produced when nitrates are exposed to extremely high tempera0ture. You can think frying nitrites in preservative loaded bacon or the nitrites in cigarettes. Most of these can increase the risk of cancer.

  • The nitric oxide, on the other hand, can act a signaling molecule which is typically beneficial to your health. It gives the signals to the cells in your arteries and softens and relax them. This action greatly improves vasodilation which reduces the blood pressure. This is the reason nitrate-rich foods are not exposed to very high heat and beneficial because they can become nitric oxide. Vegetables are the largest source of nitrates in the human diet.
  • Beetroot is one of the best foods that lower blood pressure in the bunch of foods. Most research are focusing on beetroot juice supplementation. According to the study in 2013 found that beetroot juice intake reduces the blood pressure by 4 to 10 mmHg in just a few hours. A reduction of at least 5 mmHg in blood pressure can reduce the risk of fatal stroke by 14 percent and cardiovascular disease by 9 percent.

2.) Turmeric- Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Turmeric is the most popular spice in India and has been used in cooking and as a medical herb. It has a medical property. Curcumin is the main compound present in turmeric for all of their medical properties. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

  • According to the study 150 mg of curcumin is given to 32 postmenopausal women for about eight weeks and successfully improved blood flow to level seen in those who exercise three times per week.
  • Another study found that by using 500 mg of turmeric three times a day reported a large decrease in blood pressure in subjects with nephritis or inflammation of the kidneys. This makes turmeric one of the best foods that lower blood pressure.
  • Curcumin has many benefits on blood flow pressure and believed to be related to nitric oxide just similar to beetroot. Giving enough of curcumin has shown to increase circulating nitric oxide, in some case by up to 40 percent in just four weeks. It has great benefit for cardiovascular and if you are at high risk of complication.
  • But there is one bad problem with curcumin that human is very bad at absorbing curcumin. To see the noticeable result, you should consume it with black pepper which helps to consume curcumin. Black pepper contains piperine which is a substance that boosts the curcumin absorption by increasing 2000 percent.

3.) Fish Oil for Blood Pressure

Fatty acids are the most important ingredient found in the fish. The fatty acid such as omega 3 fats is very beneficial to human’s cardiovascular heath. Many studies found fish oil supplementation to an effective treatment for high blood pressure. Benefits are only seen in people with existing high blood pressure.

  • The mechanism is still not clear, but most experts believe that it has to do with omega 3 or omega 6 ratios. More omega 3 fats in your diet are better for your health than the mega 6 fats. A 1:1 ratio is linked with much healthier and stronger blood vessels.
  • Fish oil supplementation is more effective and more affordable alternative to oily fish. If you have access to fish, then have 2,3 serving per week, it will provide heart healthy benefits.

4.) Garlic- Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

Garlic is one of the most important food and it has been used since ages for health and medical purpose. The active ingredient in garlic is allicin a sulfur compound formed when a garlic clove is crushed chopped or chewed.

  • Several studies have found that supplementing with garlic significantly can lower your elevated blood pressure. Garlic also reduces the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 10 to 15 percent, adding it more to your diet is an absolute necessity. Garlic is the one the foods that lower blood pressure.
  • You can take the supplement of garlic of about 600 to 1200 mg per day which is equal to at least two garlic cloves daily. But there is one strong side effect of garlic, which is bad breath.

5.) Dairy to Lower your Blood Pressure

According to the study published in the journal of Human hypertension in 2012, Australian researchers found a link in between the consumption of the low fat diary and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. The study found the low-fat yogurt and milk are more effective but don’t use cheese, it is not as effective. Calcium plays an important role more likely other components of dairy that protect. Including compounds such as peptides released during digestion. People who consume low-fat diary also simply may have a healthier overall lifestyle.

6.) Flaxseeds to Reduce Blood Pressure

Consuming flaxseed is linked to a reduction in both systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure over six months in people with high blood pressure. According to the study of Journal Hypertension, the participant who took, blood pressure medication they get experiences from flaxseed. It is not clear about the effect of flaxseed in the reduction of blood pressure. But it may be due to the found compound present in flaxseed called lignans, alpha linolenic acid, peptides, and fiber.

7.) Dark chocolate to Treat Hypertension

Consuming dark chocolate or cocoa products rich in flavanols helps in reduction of systolic or diastolic blood pressure among people with hypertension or pre-hypertension. It is one of the foods that lower Blood Pressure. According to the study took place in meta-analysis in BMC Medicine in 2010. Other research has shown that polyphenols in cocoa products is associated with the formation of nitric oxide, a substance that widens the blood vessels and eases blood flow and thereby reduce blood pressure.

8.) Pomegranate- Foods that Lower High Blood Pressure

Researcher of the United Kingdom is looking for the effect of pomegranate juice on the blood pressure and among young and middle age people. Consuming more than a cup of pomegranate juice every day for about four weeks is linked to a drop in both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. According to the study published in the plant food for human nutrition.  It is not clear what might be causing these reductions, but it may be the polyphenols or potassium find pomegranate juice.

9.) Olive oil to Get Fid of  Hypertension

The study published in the American Journal of Hypertension in 2012 looked at how olive oil can affect the blood pressure in young women with high blood pressure. It is one of the best foods that lower blood pressure. Researchers compared a diet of polyphenol-rich olive oil to a diet that doesn’t  contain any polyphenols and their effects on blood pressure over a period of four months. The polyphenol-rich olive oil is linked with drops in diastolic and systolic blood pressure especially among women with higher blood pressure to start.

10.) Pistachios- Foods that Lower Blood Pressure

The study published in the journal in 2013 looked at the consumption of pistachios and blood pressure. A participant who had LDL cholesterol ate one or two serving of pistachio nuts daily for about four weeks. A lower dose of nuts was better at reducing systolic blood pressure than the higher dose. An increase in the volume of blood pumped from the heart could account for the difference but it is not entirely clear. Pistachio nuts can even reduce the constriction of peripheral blood vessels.

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