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How to Get a Flat Stomach

Flat stomach enhances your personality and makes you look better. If your belly is coming out of your shirt, it will definitely ruin your confidence and personality. No one will notice you, and you will become the part of a crowd of other fat people. If you want to be in swimsuit shape or simply wants to get a flat stomach then you need to work on your body. You just need to follow the strict diet which will help you to cut off your extra fat from your belly and it will help you to get your desirable goal. Your diet is going to play a crucial role in this. Low carb green vegetables should be in your diet with protein rich food and low-fat diet. Read more to know steps to get a flat stomach.

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Ways to Get a Flat Stomach:

1.) Eat Protein, Fat, and Vegetables to Get Flat Stomach

There is no special secret when it comes to having a flat tummy. You simply need to focus on your diet which is much more important than anything else. Eat healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grain and cut down the junk food and sugar from your diet. You will see a huge difference within a few days in your stomach. Your diet must have  protein, low carbs, and low fat.

  • Protein- It is a macronutrient and it should be in your diet. Protein intake depends on the weight of a person. If your weight is 100 pound, your protein intake should be 100 gm approx. High protein reduces the thought of obsessive food by 60 percent. It makes you full whole day and you will feel less hunger. Egg whites, chicken breast, pork, lamb are the good source of lean protein.
  • Low Carbs- Take green vegetables, which are low in carbs. You can also eat a massive amount of vegetables without going overweight, but try to eat less.
  • Low fat- Not all fat are bad for you. Monosaturated fat is good for health, it doesn’t raise your heart disease as well. Avocados, fish oil, and nuts are a good source of healthy fat and are very good for you.
  • Sodium Intake- Lower your sodium intake because it causes your body to retain water that leads bloating. Switch to regular table salt for sea salt or kosher, which are low in sodium.

2.) Reduce your Portion Sizes to Get a Flat Stomach

When people switch to good and healthy diet, they just start eating too much of the right food, but it is also not a good way to get a flat stomach. You should eat enough to just feel your tummy full.

  • You can also play with your mind by using a small trick. Take a smaller plate when you eat meals and fill your plate with at least half the vegetables, in that way your plate will look full and you will eat less, your mind will think that you are getting enough food.
  • Try to chew slowly throughout the meal, it will help you to speed up your digestion process and you will feel less bloated.
  • Nuts and seeds are a good source of fat and they will make you feel more full.
  • Take small breaks in between every bite. The extra time will give your stomach to realize that it is full hence it will prevent you from overeating.

3.) Avoid Food Before Going to Bed

You should avoid eating anything for two to three hours before sleep. The metabolism of our body slows down when we sleep, which will prevent your body from digesting the food properly and it will directly convert into fat.

  • People are less active in the evening and at night your metabolism slows down. Your body is much likely to store more calories at the evening and night rather than burning them.
  • Try not to eat anything for two to three hours before sleep and follow the diet which is required for daylight.

4.) Eat Protein meal Between 3 to 4 pm

3 to 4 pm is considered as the magic hour. According to experts eating a protein rich snack at the magic hour help to boost your metabolic rate and balance your blood sugar level. High metabolic rate helps people to digest their food.

  • If you are unable to cook food, you can carry protein-rich food or protein bar which is easily available in the market along you. You can also take almonds, pumpkin seed or a low fat cheese as well with you.
  • Balanced blood sugar level lowers the amount of insulin in your system; insulin causes you to store fat around your belly.

5.) Drink Water to Reduce Belly Fat

Drinking plenty of water is very useful to get a flat stomach. Replace all your regular beverages with water because they contain a high amount of sugar and cause your stomach to bloat. So carry a water bottle with you. Sometimes a person is thirsty and the mind takes it as the signal of hunger and thus the person ends up eating.

  • Drinking lots of water will help you to flush out the toxins from your body and keep your bowel moving, which are essential for a flat stomach.
  • If you get bored of drinking regular water, you can add sassy water infused with a number of energizing and refreshing ingredients which will help you to speed up your metabolic rate. Oranges are considered to be the best drink because it gives you energy and helps to detoxify your body.  You can also use ginger, cucumber, fresh spearmint.
  • Your urine should be in light yellow color or clear color. Dark yellow urine with odor may be a sign of dehydration.

6.) Cut Down Alcohol to Get a Flat Stomach

Those who are addicted to alcohol, it would be difficult for them to cut down the alcohol from your diet completely. But if you want to achieve your goal of a flat stomach, you will have to do some sacrifice and control yourself.

  • Alcohol is packed with calories, one bottle of wine contains roughly 600 to 700 calories which are very high.
  • Consumption of alcohol releases estrogen hormones into the system. Estrogen is a female hormone when it increases in the male body it causes man boobs and brings your stomach out and gain weight.
  • Alcohol also stimulates appetite and lower your willpower, that will affect your result since you will accompany it with the fast foods like burger, pizza, chocolate which will eventually increase the weight.

7.) Eat Small, Frequent Meal to Shed Weight

Skipping a meal to get a flat stomach is not a good option because it will make you weaker and you will feel more hungry which you would not be able to control. You cannot follow this for a long time too. So start taking a small meal in every 2 to 3 hours. This type of meal affects your sugar level and causes you to eat more due to hunger. In this case, your body perceive that there is a shortage of food due to the long interval and starts storing food as fat causing fat belly. If you will take meal 2 to 3 hours of an interval of time, your body will recognize that you are giving enough food to your body, and it will not store food as a fat.

8.) Juice to Get Energized

Liquid diet would be very beneficial for you to get a flat stomach. Juices have lots of micronutrients in them and are very low in calories. Moreover, they have a high amount of energy. Your body digest juice very easily, the best thing about juice is it does not contain any fat because it is made up of raw vegetables and fruits. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body and provides essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. You can make juice from any vegetable and the best part is; your body will easily absorb all the essential nutrient. Orange juice is considered to be the best juice because it has antioxidant property and help to flush out the toxins. You can make juice from pineapple, mango, or you can add some ginger garlic in it.

9.) Get Enough Sleep for Good Health

Enough rest is very important so that you will not feel tired and sleepy all the time. A sound sleep will help you to maintain a sufficient amount of energy needed throughout the day. People should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per day. Sleep deficiency will become hurdles for your desired result. Studies have shown that inadequate sleep can cause weight gain. Enough sleep can really help you to achieve your aim

10.) Leg Raises to Get Flat Stomach

Leg raises is consider to be the best exercise to reduce weight, it directly hit the lower part of your abdomen. You can perform leg raises in many ways like hanging on the rod from your hand and raise your leg at the angle of 90 degrees. You can lie on the ground or keep your palm on the floor, slowly raise your leg up to the 90 degrees and hold your legs up  for the few second, then slowly down your legs and perform these 20 to 25 times in per set.

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