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How to Get Bigger Lips?

Many women dream of having fuller and bigger lips like Scarlett Johansson and other celebrities but don’t have the finance to do surgery and try costly injection and filler. Surgery and injection are not always the best option to get that. Surgery is not only costly but sometimes it can backfire you and lead to an unsatisfactory result. It can have side effect and can ruin the shape of your lips permanently. Bigger and fuller lips enhance and reflect the beauty of women. So you don’t need to do surgery. Home remedies are always a safer and better option without any side effect. Some of the natural treatment can also work great. Here are some of the tips to get bigger lips naturally.

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Methods to Get Bigger Lips:

1.) Exfoliate to Get Bigger Lips

Exfoliating your lips once a week help to remove impurities from lips and give it a lighter tone because dark lips tend to look smaller. So when you exfoliate your lips they become fair and give it a bigger look. Here are some of the common methods for exfoliating lips.

  • Sugar Srub- Sugar works as an excellent cleanser to remove dirt and dead skin from the lips and give it a glowing look. You can make sugar scrub by making a powder of sugar and add a few drops of water and 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice. Use this paste for gently rubbing and removing impurities from the lips. This scrub makes your skin look clean, pink and helps to get fuller lips.
  • Wet Cloth- Need to boil a water, then a dip cotton cloth in that water and rub it on your lips for removing the dirt from it.
  • Toothbrush- You need a clean soft bristle toothbrush. Dip it into the warm water and softly rub it on your lips. You can also use a sugar scrub along with toothbrush for deep lip cleansing. Brushing helps to remove the dead skin cells and make your lips smoother and bigger. Don’t rub and press the lips hard more than one minute.

2.) Massage to Get Fuller Lips

Massaging is a great technique to get bigger lips as it increases the blood circulation and improve the texture of the muscles of your lips. Daily massaging softens them and adds shine to your lips. Here are some different techniques for massaging and make lips look bigger.

  • Ice cube- Massaging from ice cubes relaxes your lips muscles and make them look redder and fuller. Put some ice cubes to a clean cloth and keep it on lips for about 10 minutes.
  • Aloe Vera- Aloe vera massage is very helpful to get bigger lips. Antioxidants in aloe vera gel help to treat fine lines and make them look attractive and fuller. Aloe vera gel has the power to remove dirt and provide moisture to your lips.
  • Lemon- Massaging with lemon help to remove dead skin flakes, oil, and dirt from the skin. Add few drops of water to dilute the juice. This is one of the best treatment to get fuller and bigger lips.

3.) Exercise to Get Bigger Lips

Exercise can take up to 4 to 5 weeks to see the result so be prepared to wait for results. It would be best for you to see the difference of before pic to track the progress. You will need to do lip exercise for at least 1 to 2 times a day. You can follow these exercises to see the result.

  • Blow a Kiss- Hold your hands so close and press your lips against it like you are about to blow someone a kiss. Do it for several seconds and repeat 5 times.
  • Smile- Smile as broadly as you can. Do this for 15 seconds.  Then pucker your lips and push them out as far as you can into an exaggerated kissy way. Do this exercise 10 times. After smiling and puckering your lips hold this puckered position for at least 20 seconds, then relax and pull your lips inside your mouth, gently let your teeth clamp down on them. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat the whole process 5 to 6 times.
  • Duck Face- You need to press your lips together and lift them up toward your nose. Hold this position for about 5 seconds and repeat this 10 times.

4.) Capsicum Oil to Get Fuller Lips

Red pepper contain capsicum and it is the main component which gives spice but you don’t need a powder you need an oil. You can easily buy cayenne pepper or capsicum oil at any store. You can make homemade lip gloss with the help of this oil.

  • Take a lip balm of your choice, you can use vaseline as well. Mix one to two drops of capsicum oil in that balm and your balm is ready. Prefer using red balm because it gives a better result.
  • If in case you don’t find capsicum oil so you can use powder as well, but you will need to add little amount of water with it. Apply this to your lips and wait for 5 minutes. Then rinse it off with clean water. These both method will help to get bigger lips but don’t use more than one or two drops it can burn your lips.

5.) Honey to Get Fuller Lips

Honey is a very effective remedy to get bigger lips. It is rich in vitamins, mineral and antioxidants and another healthy nutrient which is good for your lips. Honey helps to lighten your lips colour. You should apply pure honey on your lips to make it softer. Apply this 3 to 4 times a day and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe it off with a soft cloth and apply lip balm made with natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. Then finally apply the lip gloss to get shine in your sexiest fuller lips.

  • Apply honey before going to bed at night. Leave it for the whole night, then rinse off next morning. It helps to hydrates, nourish and softens the lips deeply. Use this remedy to protect your lips from getting dry against the rude elements like winter and cold weather.

6.) Cinnamon Oil to Make your Lips Bigger

Cinnamon oil is very effective to get bigger lips. As you see many lip plumper in the market, they all contain cinnamon oil as the ingredient. Cinnamon oil stimulates your lips capillaries and improve the blood flow and make your lips fuller and bigger. You need to mix one or two drops of cinnamon oil to your favourite lip gloss or balm. Apply it whenever you need bigger and red lips. If you don’t have cinnamon oil so you can also use cinnamon powder. Just add a small amount of almond oil and olive oil and mix them well. Apply it on your lips and wait for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse it off. You will slightly feel burning sensation after applying it, but it will go away within few seconds and leave your lips naturally bigger and freshly scented.

7.) Peppermint oil to Get Bigger Lips

You can easily buy peppermint oil from the market, it acts as a natural lip plumper. Peppermint oil helps to improve the blood circulation in lips. When you will apply peppermint oil to your lips, it will little irritate them and you will see a slightly swelling. But you don’t need to worry, it is not harmful and has no side effects. It will give you a cooling effect. You can directly apply it to your lips or you can add it with your lip balm. If you want to add it with your lips balm, then put two to three drop of it in your favourite lip balm and apply it on your lips. It will instantly give you fuller and hottest lips instantly and also give you a cooling effect.

8.) Massage to Get Fuller Lips

Massaging is always a good technique, as it helps to release the stress and gives your body inner glow just like that massaging your lips is good to get healthy lips. You just need to some oil to apply on your lips, then gently massage them around 5 to 10 minutes. Then let the oil on your lips and absorb the oil itself. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Daily massage helps you to get bigger lips and also add shine. After washing your lips don’t forget to apply lip balm made with natural ingredients like coconut and shea butter.

9.) Lipstick to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Take the lipstick which suits you and place it on your lips, use a brush to blend it into your lip liner in order to remove harsh lines. Prefer using slightly light lipstick in tone to your last one and pat it into the inside of your lips where they are biggest and light will directly fall in them. Blend this with the base colour in order to make them look natural. This trick will make your lips look fuller.

10.) Aloe Vera to Get Bigger Lips

Aloe vera is very good for your skin it contains antioxidants that help to treat fine lines and make your lips look more attractive and fuller. To get bigger lips apply the aloe vera gel, it also helps to remove dirt and provide moisture and make them softer and attractive.

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