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How to Get Rid of Face Fat?

This article tells about how to get rid of face fat. Everybody desires a perfect body, so as with your face. When it comes to your personal appearance, your face is the most important part. Nobody likes fat and chubby face. A double chin or chubby cheeks make you self-conscious. It can reduce your confidence when everyone teases you by calling fat or put some adjectives in front of your name.  Really, people with such faces become annoyed, when they smile or when someone takes their pictures. Moreover, such kind of people doesn’t even like to look in the mirror. As a matter of fact, fat face causes many problems.

The fat deposit occurs around your neck, chin, and cheeks. It is due to poor diet, fast food, and insufficient exercise. There are many challenges that can come across such as finding the partner, getting a job or so on. Most of the people come across with the problem of facial fat. It is easy to reduce the chubby cheeks if you do a daily exercise or maintain a good diet.

Causes of Face Fat:

  • Poor diet
  • Dehydration
  • Hormonal disbalance
  • Overeating
  • Alcohol intake

Symptoms of Face Fat:

  • Puffy face
  • Accumulation of fat
  • Increase in body weight
  • Increase in the diet
  • Obesity
  • Laziness

how to get rid of fat face

Remedies to Get Rid of Face Fat:

If you are having a puffy face, no need to worry out. You can easily  get an attractive jaw line by doing some exercise. Try out the given remedies to get rid of face fat.

1.) Clay Mask to Treat Fat Face

Natural clay or facial masks help to tighten and stiffen the facial muscles and help prevent sagging, dull and folding of the skin membrane of the face. Also the clay masks, absorbs the stored water which is beneath your skin. It absorbs the excess water by the process of osmosis. Combining a face mask with any facial mask can help you out to treat a puffy face. Take two teaspoons of clay. Mix it with any good quality facial mask. Make its paste by adding some water or rose water. Now apply this paste on the cheeks, neck and other parts of the face. Keep it to dry for 20 minutes. You will feel like your skin is stretching. Wash your face off with water. Pat it to dry. Do this remedy twice a week to get rid of a fat face.

2.) Face Exercise to Get Rid of Face Fat

Exercise can help you to decrease the fat face. It stretches the muscles and helps to decrease fat. The facial tissue that are sagged will become tight and give you a perfect jaw line. Exercise promotes blood circulation and makes you appear youth. Place your index fingers on the cheeks. Push it backwards, horizontally and vertically by applying giving pressure. Keep it rotating for 60 minutes. Do this regularly to get rid of face fat. Secondly, you can pull air out through your mouth. Take some air inside your mouth keep it for 2 seconds. Blow it out. Do it at a fast rate. Repeat it for 10 to 20 times. Do this exercise daily to get a perfect jaw line.

3.) Egg white to Cure Face Fat

The egg is very beneficial to treat the fat face. Egg consists of vitamin A which have lots of skin benefits. It improves the quality of skin and rejuvenates it.  When the egg is applied as a mask, it stretches the skin, and brings back it in shape. It will also help a lot to get rid of face fat. Take an egg. Blend it with one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. You can add some drops of peppermint oil. Apply this mask on the face, neck and chin area. Leave it to dry for half an hour. Wash it off with water. Now dry it with a towel. Alternatively, you can mix apple cider vinegar with blended egg. Stir it well to make a paste. Apply it as a face mask. Try an egg white to treat face fat.

4.) Lemon to Prevent Fat Face

Lemon is one of the best remedy to fight fat. It is the natural weapon in burning fat war. It improves digestion by maintaining the pH level. Therefore, it can be helpful to get rid of face fat with lemon. As lemon cleans the unwanted matter from the body, hence detoxifies it. Healthy digestion provides the nutrients to the body that burn fat. Take a glass of warm water and squeeze half lemon in it. Sprinkle some black pepper. Stir it and drink. Secondly you can apply lemon juice on face by mixing it with honey.  Alternatively, You can drink lemon honey with a glass of warm water. It gives best results when taken empty stomach. Drink it 2-3 times a day. This remedy is simple and easy to do.

5.) Glycerin for Puffy Face

Glycerin helps a lot in preventing puffy face. It tightens the skin and keep it hydrated. Also it is believed that it brings back the elasticity and retains the moisture. It also makes the skin soft and glowing. You can make a mask by taking 2 teaspoons of glycerine. Add one tablespoon of Epsom salt. Mix it well. Apply it on the face. Keep it for 20 minutes to absorb.  Moreover, you can add honey, peppermint oil in the mask. Also apply this mask on neck, chin and jaw line. Rinse off the mask with cold water. Pat it dry with a soft towel. This remedy should be done 3to 5 times a week. It will give you excellent results.

6.) Face Massage to Get Rid of Face Fat

A good facial massage can help you to lose a large amount of face fat. It increases the blood circulation and helping the adipose tissue to  to lose the fat. Face massage also tightens the muscles.  It improves the flow of blood and oxygen and treats the saggy skin. Moreover, massage can help to retain the glow and untoned skin. Take some good quality oil. You can take oil like olive oil, castor oil or so on. Put it in your palm and spread it. Now give a face massage by rubbing your hands on face. You can also go to a parlor or a spa to get a face massage. Do this remedy twice a week to reduce your fat face.

7.) Oatmeal for Face Fat

Oatmeal can also help to get rid of puffy face. It has soothing properties. Oatmeal, when used as a mask makes the skin tight. It reduces irritation and helps the skin to retain its natural moisture. It makes the skin to glow and cures the sagging skin. Cook the oatmeal with enough water until a running consistency. Cool the solution and apply this paste on the cheeks, neck and jaw line. You can repeat this process for 3-4 times in a week and it will help to treat puffy face. An oatmeal mask can help you out to treat fat face. Try oatmeal to get rid of face fat. It can give you amazing results.

8.) Green Tea to Get Rid of Face Fat

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and carotenoids. It is an effective home remedy when it comes to getting rid of the facial fat.  It increases the blood circulation. Moreover, it reduces the toxins in your blood stream. It cuts down the excess fat and helps to get a perfect face. Green tea is easily available in the market. Take a cup of boiling water. Put a tea bag in it. You can add honey to taste. Moreover, you can make your own tea by mixing the ingredients like peppermint, ginger, garlic or so on. Drink it daily to cut the excess fat. Green tea will not only treat the facial fat, but it will also reduce the overall fat.

9.) Chew Gum to Treat Face Fat

Chewing a gum can help you out to get rid of face fat. It  is the fundamental rule that the more we exercise, more we will lose fat. Chewing  gum is a good exercise for cheek muscles. It increases the blood circulation and helps to lose fat from adipose tissue. Moreover, the best part is you can chew a gum along with your work. Remember to chew a nonsugar gum, otherwise, it will nullify the effect. You can easily buy a chewing gum and start chewing it for 1 hour. Do this at least twice a day. It will help you to get rid of face fat.

10.) Turmeric for Fat Face

Turmeric can help you to get rid of face fat. It can be used as a mask. It makes the skin tighten and regains the glow. Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Add water to make its paste. Apply it on the face and keep it for 10 minutes. Wash your face with water. Try this remedy to prevent the excess face fat.

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