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How to Get Six Pack?

Six pack abs is a desire of every person, whether you are fat or slim. You do not come in the category of good physique, even your friends will not praise you if you do not have six pack abs. A toned physique and six pack are not a one day work. It takes months of workout and a clean diet to get six pack. You need time, dedication and patience to reach that level. Consistency plays an important role because even a one day can make a difference to achieve your goal. You can have muscular abs, but it will not show until you remove the layer of fat from your stomach. Only a workout will not give you six pack, clean diet plays a crucial role. In this article, you will know about clean diet along with other important things and exercise.

Get Six Pack

Ways to Get Six Pack:

1. Crunches to Get Six Pack

It is an effective exercise to target your upper abs muscles. Lie on the floor facing upward and put your hands in front of your chest to crossing each other and touching the temples on your shoulder. Your knees should be at 90 degrees and feet flat on the floor.

  • Contract your abs to lift up your shoulder, your entire back should not lift off the floor, this can cause back strain.
  • While you are doing exercise, you need to feel the contraction on that body part.
  • Keep your back from the contact with the floor.
  • You need to exhale through your mouth while you are lifting up. Pause for a second when you are at the top of the lifting up and exhale the last bit of air.
  • Lower slowly at the start.
  • Repeat it 20 to 30 times per set.

2. Plank for Core Abs muscle

It is all about posture. Put your body in the push-up position and your elbow on the floor. Keep your body straight and your finger of your feet should be on the floor. This exercise target on your various muscles including shoulder arms and crumps. Its primary target is core muscles of the abs and It is a very good exercise to get six pack.

  • Your weight should be on the toe of your feet and elbow.
  • Don’t raise or lower your hips.
  • The Beginner should hold as much as they can, they aim to hold about 45 to 50 seconds.
  • When you would reach at 5 min, then you would become plank master.
  • Side plank, reverse plank are the variation.

3. Leg Raises for Lower Abs

Leg raises is a perfect exercise for the lower abdominals and hip flexor. There are many ways to perform leg raises. You can lie on the floor and do it, or you can do it by hanging or rod and raising your legs upward and once you will get master on it, so you can also do by holding a dumbbell in between your legs to get six pack. Its primary target is lower abdominal muscle and secondary target is hip flexor muscle.

  • Lie on the floor, your face should be upwards. Putting your arms to the side of the floor with your palm down facing on the ground.
  • Make sure that you are in a right position.
  • Slowly lift you both legs upward to a 90-degree angle.
  • Hold it for a second and slowly lower your leg down.

4. Cardio to Get Six Pack

If you want to lose some extra fat to your belly so you definitely need a cardio workout. It increases the heart rate for a given set of time if you are performing running, jogging, cycling. It directly targets to your fat, you burn fat as fuel while doing cardio. You should do cardio workouts for about 3 to 5 days in a week for at least half an hour.

  • Try interval training, it is very effective. You need to run as fast as possible for one lap and another lap you can perform with the moderate speed.
  • You can do jogging for half an hour if you are not overweight, you will start losing muscle if you will do more.
  • Cycling half an hour is also a good option.

5. Smaller Meal at Night for Packs

Night food is often overly caloric because you eat pizza and ice cream at night and it increases calories in your body. Our metabolic rate keeps high in the morning,  gets down at night. The food you would  eat at night, your stomach would not able to digest that food and it converted into fat due to low metabolic rate. People often go to bed just after the dinner it suddenly drops the metabolic rate, and your food gets undigested. People should sleep after one or two hours.

  • Try eating a larger lunch, or healthy snack before the dinner.
  • You should consume fruits and green vegetables at the dinner and a handful of the nut which is a source of good fat.
  • Try to trick your mind, drink one glass of water before or during the dinner. Your mind will not feel curb.

6. Heavy Breakfast for Abs muscles

In this busy schedule of life, people don’t have time to do breakfast and they skip it. If your aim is to lose weight and to get six pack, breakfast should be in your diet. Skipping breakfast will later on curb, and you will eat more and your body will not be able to digest whole food and it will convert into fat, fail to jump start your metabolism. Eating a healthy breakfast will keep you away from later on the curb.

  • Try to eat lean protein in the morning and avoid food which contains unhealthy fat.
  • Chicken breast and egg white are the sources of lean protein.
  • Eat yogurt, banana, flax seed, whole grain bread.

7. Whole Grain to Get Six Pack

Whole grain is a source of good carbohydrate, it is rich in fiber. While bread, white rice are the refined grain, they are easily digested and our body need constant energy. They are directly converted into fat. You should avoid eating refined grain. Research has found that people who eat whole grain, vegetables, fruits and lean protein tend to lose weight more people who eat the same diet but refined grain.

  • Whole grain changes the response of glucose or insulin in your body and loses fat faster from your belly.
  • It provides us energy whole day.
  • Brown rice, whole grain bread, whole oats, contains good carbs.

8. Steady Metabolism for Abs

There is no specific claim that eating six meals a day will help you to get six pack abs. Your metabolism and clean diet help you to achieve that aim. There are foods that slow down your metabolism. If your metabolism is slow and you take an unhealthy and frequent diet. It will not able to digest that food and will get stored in your belly as a fat. Avoid these foods to keep your metabolism high.

  • Refined carbohydrate is the enemy of high metabolism. It slows down your metabolism. White bread, pasta, and white rice contain refined carbohydrate.
  • Our body absorbs sugar easily, but it slows down our metabolism.
  • Saturated fat increases cholesterol level and slows down metabolism. Fast food and fried food contain fat.

9. Water to Get Six Pack

Water may be a most underrated nutrient for the weight loss, but it is very important to keep your body hydrated. The average person should drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day. The person who does workout should drink more water because they lose water as sweat. Water helps to keep your liver healthy.

  • If you dehydrated, both your workout and body will suffer.
  • Research has found that it increases your metabolism.
  • Sometimes our body is confused between hunger and thirst. People feel thirst as a hunger. So always keep a water bottle with you and whenever you feel hunger or thirst so take a sip of water.
  • Water is better than other beverages like soda and coffee, more water consumption decreases resulting in calorie beverages.

10. Protein to Get Six Pack

People who eat 35 gm of protein in the breakfast are less hungry throughout the day. If you will eat less or protein would be in your diet so you will get six pack. Protein helps in building the tissue, which breaks during the workout. You will see a favorable change in your hormones and brain signals that control appetite.

  • Getting six pack is not only about cutting calories from your diet. It is about removing your fat from the belly and show six pack muscles underneath them.
  • You need to remove saturated fat from your diet.
  • Always keep the consumption of protein in your diet.
  • To keep your fat level in check go for yogurt, egg white, chicken breast, bacon.
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