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How to Grow Eyelashes?

This article explains about how to grow eyelashes. Eyelashes  are the  frame of eyes. Long and beautiful eyelashes draw attention to your face. It makes the eyes more beautiful. Thicker and longer eyelashes are praised by everyone and it makes you overwhelmed. Almost every woman loves attractive eyelashes . Not only women but sometimes men are also conscious about their eyelashes. The volume of eyelashes depends upon genetic factors, hygiene, health, food that you are eating, rubbing your eyes, age, certain medical conditions or so on. There are lots of factors which are responsible for shedding or falling off your eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are pretty popular.

Most of the people improve their eyelashes artificially by using mascara, eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes. Constantly glueing on fake eyelashes also makes your  natural eyelashes to thin down. These  methods make your eyes beautiful for a while. In real these experiments discourages the growth of the eyelashes. Growing your eyelashes naturally is the best way to make your eyes beautiful and attractive. The good news is you can grow your eyelashes very easily and safely. There are many home remedies by which you can grow more volume of your eyelashes.

how to grow eyelashes

Remedies to Grow Eyelashes:

Everybody desires for longer, thicker and beautiful eyelashes. There are many ways to grow eyelashes that people look for. If you want to try some of the remedies to grow eyelashes, here are a few suggestions. These remedies are very effective and easy to use.

1.) Castor Oil to Grow Eyelashes

Castor oil is a best remedy to grow eyelashes. It helps to make your eyelash lustrous and voluminous.  Castor oil stimulates the hair follicles. It also gives nourishment to the skin. Moreover, castor oil fights the micro-organisms that restrict the growth of eyelashes. To use this remedy, take some castor oil and a cotton ball. Put 2-3 drops of castor oil on a cotton ball. Now gently rub it on the eyelashes. You can also add a few drops of vitamin E oil in it. The best time is to use this remedy is before going to bed. Alternatively, you can add aloe vera gel in castor oil. Apply it with a cotton ball. Leave it overnight. You can also try it at day timings. Use this remedy regularly to for better results.

 2.) Brush for Thicker Eyelashes

Brushing your eyelashes is a natural way to accelerate their growth. It eliminates the dust particles from hair. Brushing makes your eyelashes smooth, shiny and soft. Moreover, it accelerates the blood circulation and enables more nutrients to reach the follicles of the hair. To apply this remedy, first of all, take a soft brush. Make it sure that your blush s clean. Apply some Vaseline on your eyelashes with your forefingers. Now brush your eyelashes in the upward direction. Do it from the roots to the tips. Keep on brushing for 5 minutes. Do this remedy twice a day. You will get the desired results. This can be  an excellent remedy and will amaze you with fruitful results.

3.) Almond Oil to Grow Eyelashes

Almonds are very effective if we talk about increasing eyelashes. As we know almonds are very rich in antioxidants. It will nourish your hair and makes them soft and smooth. Moreover, almond oil is very rich in vitamin E which, pace up the eyelash growth. Take some almond oil. With the help of a mascara stick or cotton ball, apply on the eyelashes. Apply it gently in the upwards direction. You can also mix some oil like coconut or olive oil. Repeat this remedy for some days and you will notice the positive results. Using almond oil has long-lasting effects. However, the effectiveness of this remedy can be affected by poor diet, poor eye hygiene and improper nutrition.

4.) Eggs to Get Thick Eyelashes

You can try eggs to grow eyelashes. Egg consists of biotin and vitamin E. These nutrients help in the growth of hair. It strengthens the hair and gives them a texture. Moreover, eggs moisturises the skin and prevent the hair of an eyelash from breakage. To use this remedy, first of all, take an egg. Beat it in a bowl. With the help of your forefingers apply this on the eyelash. Let the mixture dry. Now wash it with cold water. Repeat this remedy regularly to get longer and thicker eyelash. You can easily buy an egg from the nearest store. It is not expensive. Try eggs as a fruitful remedy to grow eyelash. It has no side effects.

5.) Olive Oil to for Voluminous Eyelashes

Olive oil is widely known for its benefits. It consists of natural constituents like vitamin E, A  and oleic acid. This oil gives nourishment to the skin and keeps it smooth. Moreover, it increases the blood circulation which helps in hair growth. It makes the hair dark, long and prevents its breakage. To use this remedy, take some olive oil and with the help of your forefingers, apply on the eyelashes. Gently rub the oil in upward direction. Make a habit of using olive oil regularly to grow eyelash. This remedy has no side effects and is easy to use.

6.) Coconut Oil to Get Thick Eyelashes

Coconut oil can be best for inducing growth in an eyelash. This oil is very rich in vitamins like vitamin A, C, E or so on. The essential nutrients help the scalp to get nourished. It makes the hair soft, long and lustrous. To increase the length of eyelashes, melt the coconut oil and gently apply it with the help of cotton ball on your eyelashes. You can also mix some other oil like coconut or olive oil. Apply it at least twice a day to have thicker eyelashes. Repeat this remedy to grow eyelashes. Using coconut oil is totally natural with no side effects.

7.) Lemon Peels to Grow Eyelashes

You can use lemon peels to add volume to the hair of eyelashes. Lemons are very rich in vitamin C, B and folic acid. These nutrients promote the growth of eyelashes. It is easily available at  any grocery store and is inexpensive. To take benefit of lemon peels, first of all take some lemon peels. Dry them and put it in a container. Now put some drops of olive oil or castor oil in it. Allow it to soak for a few days. Now apply this mixture on the eyelashes with a clean mascara stick or cotton. You can also apply it overnight. Try this remedy for some days to see the excellent results.

8.) Emu Oil for Eyelashes Growth

Emu oil is an another effective way for thick eyelashes. This oil is also used in treating pain, stimulating the growth of hair. Emu oil is also beneficial for overall health. It consists of linoleic acid, which makes your hair soft and lavishing. It is a versatile substance which boosts up the growth of eyelashes. To take benefit of this oil. Take few drops of it. Apply it on your eyelashes with the help of cotton ball or forefingers. Alternatively, you can mix some castor oil or olive oil  to get much better results. Repeat this remedy for some days and see the positive results.

9.) Vitamin E to Grow Eyelashes

Vitamin E can help to make your eyelash grow longer. It is an another trick to have voluminous eyelashes. Vitamin E improves your skin tone and makes your hair thicker. Moreover, nourishes the skin and makes it soft. Using vitamin E also prevents from hair breakage. To apply this remedy, take a capsule of vitamin E and mix it with coconut oil or olive oil. Now apply it on the eyelashes with the help of cotton. Also, gently massage your skin with this oil. Use this remedy overnight to get much better results. This is a very effective remedy and will give you surprising results.

10.) Green Tea to Grow Eyelashes

Green tea has an extensive range of benefits. It also includes the growth of eyelashes. Green tea is very rich in flavonoids. It stimulates the hair follicles and helps in their growth. The caffeine content in green tea makes it more suitable to promote the growth of eyelashes. It makes them smooth, shiny and thick. To use green tea, take a tea bag of it. Dip it in a warm water. Let it induce in water for some time. Now apply it on the eyelashes with  the cotton ball. Repeat this remedy regularly to grow eyelashes.

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