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List of Healthy Foods to Eat

This article explains you about the list of healthy foods to eat. Healthy food is considered good for health. It is beneficial in several ways that go beyond a normal healthy diet. Foods which are marked as healthy may be the natural foods, organic foods, whole grains or some other foods which are beneficial for health. Eating a well-balanced diet and healthy food can help you to reduce or maintain your metabolism of the body. It also reduces the risk of several diseases. The amount and quality of food influence you in several ways.

List of healthy foods to eat

List of Healthy Foods to Eat:

It is very important to take a healthy diet. If you are wondering about the foods that can maintain your health, pay attention. Here is the list of healthy foods to eat and maintain your good health.

1.) Artichokes as a Healthy Food

Artichokes are a kind of vegetable. This vegetable is full of energy and keeps you active whole day. Artichokes are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. It helps to kill the free radicals from the body. Artichokes helps to build up the tissues and is full of nutritious content. Moreover, this veggie contains fiber which helps to soothe the process of digestion and maintains the metabolism of the body. Artichokes also contain minerals and other nutrients like vitamin K, A, and C. It helps in the overall maintenance of the body. You can try artichokes in different ways. First of all, you can boil them in water and eat. Also, one can make a tasty soup with it by adding some other vegetables Alternatively, you can cook a tasty dessert with this vegetable. Add this food to your diet, as it is among a list of healthy foods to eat.

2.) Oatmeal as a Healthy Food to Eat

You can start your day with grains and oatmeal lies in this category. Oatmeal is considered as soothing and light breakfast. Besides this, it is full of energy. These grains are absorbed slower and give you a long-lasting feeling of the full tummy. It also prevents the craving for food. Oats, also contain vitamins like K, A, niacin, thiamine or so on.  These vitamins help to increase your energy levels. One should avoid the oatmeal packs as it contains a lot of sugar and artificial flavors like strawberries, honey or so on. These packs can decrease the energetic value of oatmeal. There are some organic oatmeals, which you can eat in your meals. You can eat oatmeals by putting milk in it. Also, one can add some vegetables and favorite fruits. Eat oatmeals, as it is a good option to maintain your health.

3.) Walnuts among Healthy Foods

Walnuts are loaded with energy. It comes in the category of nuts. Walnut are very rich omega-3s fatty acids as compared to salmon or any other fish. This nut helps to convert bad cholesterol into a good one. Walnuts are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. These also work as building blocks of muscles by providing protein content. It prevents from serious heart diseases. Moreover, walnuts soothe the metabolism of the body. It consists of various vitamins and minerals. It is estimated that an adult body can eat around 7 walnuts in a day. You can easily buy walnuts from the market and eat them. It is cost friendly. Add walnuts in your diet to improve your health.

4.) Chicken to Maintain Good Health

Chicken is very essential for maintaining the health of the body. This is a great food for non-vegetarians. Chicken is a very good source of proteins. It contains essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, K, and C.  It helps to lose weight, prevents bad cholesterol, controls blood pressure and also reduces the risk of various heart diseases. Chicken is easily available and can be eaten in different ways. You can roast it to eat. One can make its soup by adding water, pepper and a little salt. Also, you can eat chicken by boiling it. If you don’t like these both methods you can prepare some tasty dish with chicken. Make a habit to eat chicken in your daily diet. Add this delicious food in your meal. It will make you healthy and give you surprising results.

5.) Apples among Healthy Foods

They are high fiber foods and can help you to regulate your body’s sugar level. According to recent research, it is proved that apple consists of polyphenols which help to prevent a hike in blood sugar levels. These polyphenols stand out in nutrients and therefore considered as widely loved food. Apple is also a good source of fiber. It consists of both soluble and insoluble proteins. Moreover, it consists of a good source of vitamins. It is also beneficial for the skin. It helps to soothe the digestive tract in the body. You can easily buy apples from the market. It is easily available and not so costly.

6.) Blueberries- A Healthy Food

Blueberries are among very tasty fruits. It is full of antioxidants. This fruit helps to remove the free radicals from the body. Blueberries can also help to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and other health problems. Some studies have also shown that blueberries are rich in fiber and vitamins A and C, also boost the health. You can eat blueberries by anyway you like. First of all, one can directly eat them. Also, you can take out its juice and drink. It is an easy food to start your day with. Add blueberries in your diet as it is among a list of healthy foods to eat.

7.) Spinach- Good for Health

This green vegetable is easily available and is very good for health. It consists of antioxidants which help you to prevent you from diseases. This food is a  rich source of omega 3s fatty acids and folate, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, and osteoporosis. The folate present in it, also increases blood flow to the nervous system which helps to protect you against age-related sexual problems. This food also contains lots of fiber, which eases the process of digestion in the body. You can eat spinach by simply boiling it. Also, you can prepare its tasty soup by adding some spices in it. Try this veggie as it is very good for health.

8.) Oily Fish- Among Healthy Foods to Eat

Oily fish include salmon, trout, herring, sardines and many other. This food is great in boosting the energy level of the body. Oily fish consists of 30% oil and omega 3S fatty acids.  These oils are known to provide soothing effects for the organs like heart, nervous system. These fishes also provide benefits for the people suffering from inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, pain, and goiter. Oily fish also contain vitamins A and D. You can eat fish at breakfast by boiling them. Also, one can roast them and eat. Add oily fish in your diet as it is among healthy foods to eat.

9.) Wheat Germ to Maintain Health

Wheat germ is the part of wheat that grows into a plant. It grows in the embryo of the seed. This wheat germ soothes the digestive system and is good sources of energy. It is highly nutrient and contains lots of vitamins like vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, potassium and fatty acids. Wheat germ is also a good source of fiber. It is also helpful for the metabolism of the body. You can eat wheat germ by simply soaking them in water one night before you eat. Also, one can cook a tasty dish with it. The good part is that one can eat wheat germ anytime in a day. Add this food to your meals to make yourself healthy.

10.) Carrots- Among Healthy Foods

Carrots are a very famous vegetable and are available almost everywhere. You can buy it easily from your nearest grocery store. Most of the carrots are red, yellow or orange. It is because of the pigment present in carrots called carotenoids. This food is a fat-soluble compound that helps in reducing of various diseases.Carrots helps to cure a wide range of cancers, the risk and severity of heart disease and inflammatory conditions such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. It also maintains the metabolism of the body. One can eat carrots by cutting them. Also, you can take out its juice and drink. One can cook a delicious dessert with carrots. Add carrots in your diet as it is among a list of healthy foods to eat.

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