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How to Kill Wasps Naturally?

In this article, we will discuss ways to kill wasps. Wasps are very different types of insects that have about 30,000 species. Wasps can be of any colors varying from the common yellow to brown, bright red and metallic blue. Generally, wasps can build the nest in any location. You may find one close to your home or garden, chimneys, air bricks, and just around anywhere.

Wasps are usually divided into two primary groups – solitary and social. Wasps can be a dangerous insect to have in and around your house. These flying pests can also sting you which can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Sometimes their stings can lead to serious injuries.

So, it is necessary to get rid of wasps. You can go for pesticides to get rid of wasps. But, toxic chemicals used in making pesticides can be a harmful for you and environment too. Also, in case you have kids and pets at home, the application of chemicals might affect their health badly.

Therefore, the best way is to go for natural methods to keep the wasps away from your home. This will not only save your hard earned money but will also help in preventing any health issues in your home due to toxic chemicals. Below are some of the methods which are safe and effective to kill wasps. Follow the directions carefully to get the best results.

How to Kill Wasps

Ways to Kill Wasps Naturally:

1.) Fake Nest to Prevent the Wasp Infestation

It is believed that wasps are territorial creatures that mean they don’t build a nest if there is already one. So the best way to prevent the wasp infestation put a fake nest. Not only this, it can also help you to get rid of as the wasp that already exists. They will leave the place as soon as they will some to know that someone had moved into their territory.

Thing You Need:

  • Paper grocery bag
  • Some twines


  • Crumple the bag and hang it on the tree.
  • If there is already a nest, hang the fake nest around it.
  • When wasp will notice, they will leave the place without any do.

2.) Soapy Solution to Get Rid of  Bees and Wasps Naturally

Red wasps are social pests which are about an inch long with a reddish-brown color of its head and body. Red wasps like to nest in close to human habitat which makes us vulnerable to their stings. In such situation, the combination of soap and water can be an excellent home remedy to keep away the dangerous red wasps. This is because when you spray the mixture on the wasps, the soap gets stuck to their wings which make difficult for them to fly. Eventually, the wasps will feel suffocated and die.

Things you Need:

  • Two cups of water
  • Two tablespoons of liquid soap
  • One spray bottle


  • Form a solution by mixing two tablespoons of liquid soap in two cups of water.
  • Now you will need to pour this solution into a spray bottle. Shake it well.
  • Next, spray the content of the spray bottle on the infested area in and around your house.
  • Follow this activity to kill wasps from your area fast, safely and naturally.
  • NOTE: Do not stand under the wasp’s nest while spraying as they can fall over you and can bite you badly.

 3.) Vinegar to Kill Wasps Naturally

Vinegar along with its loads of uses is a very useful remedy to kill wasps. It is known for its strong-smelling properties that help in attracting bees or wasps into traps.

Things you Need:

  • Tape – Two small pieces
  • A Two litre of plastic pop bottle (empty)
  • Half cup of Apple cider vinegar
  • One litre of sweetened water
  • One-fourth teaspoon of dish soap
  • One tablespoon of Jam
  • One razor knife


  • First, you need to take a two litre of a plastic bottle and slice the top just above the shoulder with the help of a razor knife.
  • Now, you will need to fill the bottle half with one litre of water.
  • Then, you will need to add half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar along with one-fourth teaspoon of dish soap.
  • Now, simply apply one tablespoon of jam, invert and set it back to the bottle.
  • Now, using two small pieces of tape, try to hold them in place.
  • Vinegar and jam combo will be a good trap for wasps to enter the trap. It will be difficult for wasps to get out.
  • Most of the wasps will get drown into the water and die.
  • Remember to empty the trap regularly to eliminate any chance of wasps’ survival.
  • Follow this process three times a week to kill wasps quickly.

4.) Lemon and Cloves to Kill Wasps

Wasps are sensitive to the strong smell of the lemon and cloves. It can be an ideal solution to set the combination of lemon & cloves in your house to scare off wasps from your home.

Things you Need:

  • One Lemon
  • Twenty Cloves
  • One Saucer


  • Take a lemon and cut it into halves.
  • Now, you will need to insert about ten cloves in each half of the lemon. Poke the lemon with the pointed side of the cloves.
  • Now, you will need to put them in a saucer.
  • Place the saucer in the area where the wasps are seen most of the time.
  • When wasps will come in contact with the smell, they will try to fly away from it.
  • Follow the process regularly to get rid of wasps naturally.

5.) The Jar Trap to Kill Wasps

Making your own wasp trap is an effective method for killing wasps. It does not have chemicals and thus it is safe for the environment and the people around. In this method, you can use a jar lying empty in your house. The same remedy can also be used to get rid of roaches.

Things you Need:

  • One large jar
  • Two cups of orange juice
  • One tablespoon of raspberry jam
  • One drill


  • Get rid of the lid from the jar and create a hole (pinky finger size) in a jar lid with the help of a drill.
  • Now, you will need to fill half of the jar with two cups of orange juice.
  • Then, take one tablespoon of raspberry jam and apply it to cover the inside of the lid.
  • After that, seal the jar with the help of a lid and place it on the back of your yard or at a place away from people.
  • The sweet smell of raspberry jam and the orange juice will draw the wasps. They will try to enter the jar through the lid and will eventually drown in the juice.
  • Let it get dark before you empty the jar. Refill the jar with a fresh juice and jam.
  • Follow the process once or twice a day until the problem is resolved completely.

6.) Get Rid of Wasps with Boric Acid

Boric acid is another ideal home remedy to kill a wasp. Though boric acid may act slowly, it can be used to eliminate different types of home pests. Wasps will get killed as they make contact with the borax or boric powder. In addition to this, boric acid can also be used to get rid of ants.

Things you Need:

  • One empty detergent bottle
  • One or two cups of boric acid powder
  • One drill
  • One pair of work gloves
  • One protective eyeglass
  • One tube caulk


  • Before you start, wear a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, long jeans along with shoes to protect yourself against wasp stings.
  • Also, remember to wear protective eyeglasses and work gloves to protect your skin from boric acid.
  • Now, firstly you will need to drill a few holes in your wall using a drilling machine around the holes where you usually find wasps congregating.
  • Then, fill an empty detergent bottle completely with boric acid powder.
  • After that place the lid on the bottle and lift the tube tip to the OPEN position.
  • Then, simply turn the bottle such that the tip faces the holes you drilled in the wall.
  • Next, press the bottle to let boric acid get into the holes.
  • Now you can see wasps are not able to breathe as soon as they come into the contact with the boric acid powder.
  • Once all the wasps are killed, seal the holes using some caulk which will prevent future wasp infestation.
  • Follow this process two times a week till all the wasps invading your home are eliminated.

7.) Chili Pepper to Kill Wasps

Wasps are known to be not so fond of chilli peppers and try to move away from it. The reason they do not like chilli pepper is not known clearly, but pepper does work well against wasp infestation.

Things you Need:

  • Spicy chilli peppers (chopped) – 2
  • Water – 3 cups
  • Spray bottle – 1


  • Take two chopped spicy chilli peppers in 3 cups of boiling water.
  • Continue boiling for two to three minutes and then turn off the heat.
  • Let the mixture set and cool for half an hour.
  • Now take a spray bottle and strain the mixture in it.
  • Spray the solution directly on the wasps wherever you find them in your house.
  • You can also spray it in the wasp-infested areas around your house.
  • Follow this process regularly to get rid of wasps in your home.

8.) Sliced Cucumber Remedy for Wasps Removal

This is another very useful home remedy which you can use to prevent wasps from infesting your home. Cucumber is packed with the acid property which wasps are not able to bear.

Things you Need:

  • Two cucumber
  • One knife


  • Take two cucumbers and cut a few slices with the help of a knife.
  • Now place this slices in the areas of your house or in a garden where wasps are present in massive numbers.
  • Wasps will remain away due to the fine an acidic property present in cucumber.
  • Follow this process regularly to get rid of wasps from your house.

 9.) Block Underground Nest to Kill Wasps Naturally

Sometimes wasps build an underground nest in the home. So, first look for the area where wasps or bees have built a nest. Once you have discovered the place you can block the entrance. Block all the sources in such as way that they do not access to food and they will die.

Things You Need:

  • A cover
  • Grease


  • Use a hardcover like a tarpaulin to cover all the entrances.
  • Then use a grease to tight the seal.
  • Or, simply place a bowl over the entrances of the underground nest.
  • Leave the bowl there and see wasp are not able to fly out or in.
  • Alternatively, you can spread the soapy solution.

10.) Grow Plants to Deter Wasps

This is probably one of the simple and safe remedies to get rid of bees and wasps naturally. Simply plant some plants around that deter bees and wasps. Plants like citronella, wormwood, mint and eucalyptus are the name of some of the plants that work as a repellent to wasps.

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