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Lose 10 Pounds Fast

In this article, we shall see how we can lose 10 pounds fast. All of us have at some point or the other thought about losing weight. There is a multitude of reasons to lose weight. Be it for health reasons, or to be able to wear that dress you’ve been eyeing, or simply to feel good in your own body.

Losing weight can seem like a daunting task. But following a few simple rules makes it easier to shed weight. Not to use a cliche but, “your body is your temple”. Understanding that to treat our bodies with respect, we must view food as a fuel to run our engines. If you have made up your mind to lose weight, then it will require changes to your diet and lifestyle. You may need a dash of strong will and perseverance as well. Read on to see how you can lose 10 pounds fast.

lose 10 pounds fast

Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Fast:

The key to losing weight fast is regulating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and pairing it with regular and moderate exercise. Find a diet plan that is suitable to your lifestyle and follow it diligently. Follow this list to build and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for fast weight loss:

1. Sleep to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Everywhere you look, you will be advised on all matters of food, water, and exercise. And of course, these are the building blocks of the best methods to lose weight and stay healthy. But without a foundation, these blocks are prone to tumbling down. In other words, without sleep, all your efforts in losing weight may become null and void. Without enough sleep, the leptin levels in your body are thrown off balance. Leptin is a hormone in your body that regulates and inhibits hunger. Without this hormone, you are more prone to reach for foods that bring you instant comfort. Such foods are usually high in saturated fats and processed sugars and salts.

So make sure to get your minimum 6-8 hours of sleep every night to feel refreshed and lose weight.

2. Magnesium to Shed Weight Naturally

Magnesium is necessary for the part of your brain that regulates melatonin. Melatonin is what controls your sleep cycle. The natural melatonin production in our bodies starts to slow down with age. Another factor that affects the melatonin levels is when we force ourselves to stay awake. This confuses the body as to when it should produce melatonin, and can lead to difficulty sleeping. As we know, proper sleep is essential to sustain weight loss. The best way to obtain magnesium to correct this is from natural sources. Magnesium rich foods are known to be quite a weight loss friendly item.

Add these to your diet to help burn fat: Dark leafy greens such as spinach and chard, unsalted and dry roasted or raw seeds such as pumpkin seeds and almonds, fish, soy and black beans, and, fiber-rich grains like bran.

3. Tea to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Tea is an excellent way to burn fat fast. It is loaded with antioxidants and tannins that help to boost metabolism in the body. By boosting metabolism, our bodies can work to break down fats faster. Brew yourself a cup of these teas to burn fat:

  • Green Tea: The number one go-to tea for weight loss, green tea has earned its name as the healthiest beverage on the planet. It contains various important antioxidants that boost metabolism. And it helps flush out toxins from your system. Drink a cup after a short exercise session to help your body burn fat faster.
  • Mate Tea: This particular tea is known for its thermogenic nature. It is excellent for burning calories. This brew has also earned itself a name as “green tea on steroids”. This is because it is jam-packed with cancer-fighting steroids, vitamin B in various forms, and chromium, which helps regulate blood-sugar levels.
  • Matcha Tea: This Japanese tea is quite popular for its ability to reduce the storage of fat. It contains a concentration of the EGCG compound which helps boost lipolysis, as well as block adipogenesis. In one study, it was found that the group of people who drank this tea lost twice as much weight and four times as much visceral fat as compared to the other group.
  • Mint Tea: Mint is an excellent natural inhibitor for hunger. And so mint tea seems like the perfect way to ward of munchies. It is an excellent choice for either hot or cold weather. And it is a naturally low-calorie drink. In addition, it helps to curb bloating. Peppermint tea seems to be the most popular for this purpose. Just make sure to regulate the amount of sugar you use. It is best had with no sugar at all!

4. Water to Lose Weight Naturally

Another top tip to lose 10 pounds fast is to stay hydrated. Water is the healthiest way to stay hydrated. It flushes out toxins from your system and makes it easier to shed weight. It helps to boost metabolism, as well as to lower the appetite. But in comparison to the wide variety of beverages out there, simply drinking water all the time can probably become boring. Try these fun ways to stay hydrated while staying healthy, with these flavored waters:

  • In a jug, fill with 6-7 cups of water and 5 cups of ice. Once the ingredients for flavor have been added, cover the jug and refrigerate for 2 hours to let it infuse. For flavor, pick one of these options–
  • Strawberry Cooler: 8 basil leaves and 3 cups of halved strawberries. Crush the basil leaves and add along with the strawberries. Stir gently and leave to infuse.
  • Pear It Up! : 5 pears – cored and sliced, and 10 thin slices of ginger. Add these and muddle gently with a wooden spoon.
  • Raspberry Refresher: 2 cups raspberries, 6 lemons – thinly sliced, and 4 fresh sprigs of rosemary. Crush the rosemary sprigs to release the essence and combine with the raspberries and lemons. Muddle gently and leave to infuse.
  • Cucumber Breeze: 2 cucumbers – thinly sliced, 4 limes – sliced, and 6 mint sprigs. Scrunch the mint sprigs and add along with the cucumbers and limes. Stir and set aside to infuse.

 5. Lose 10 Pounds Fast with Juices

Juicing and blending is a very popular method to lose weight. Include them in your diet by having them in the morning, before or after your workout session. To some, juicing may seem like a dubious and unhealthy way to lose weight. The truth is that it is a very healthy way to increase nutrient and fiber intake, and burn fat in the process. The idea is to not replace entire meals with these, but rather to supplement smaller meal portions with these juices.

Make these healthy blends and juices by yourself at home to lose 10 pounds fast:

  • Carrot & Grapefruit – 1 pink grapefruit, 4 peeled carrots (cut into chunks), 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1-inch length of ginger. Peel and cut the flesh of the grapefruit into chunks. Add this with the rest of the ingredients into a blender, and blend for 3-4 minutes. Pour into glass and enjoy.
  • Beetroot, Carrot & Strawberry – 2 beetroots and 1 carrot, both peeled & chopped into chunks, and 1 cup fresh strawberries. Add these ingredients to a blender with ¼ cup of cold water and blend till it’s a smooth paste. Pour into a glass and enjoy.
  • Spicy Spinach, Strawberry & Pear – 1 pear; cored, peeled and chopped into chunks, 1 handful spinach, and 1 cup strawberries; both chopped, and 1 pinch of cayenne pepper powder. Put all the ingredients into the food processor along with ¼ cup of water. Blend and pour into glass.

 6. Lose 10 Pounds Fast with Citrus

One natural way to lose 10 pounds fast is by going on a citrus diet. Research has shown that citrus fruits help burn fat faster as they contain enzymes that speed up digestion. The natural acids present in citrus fruits help to break down fat cells. In addition to this, these fruits are packed with vitamin C, which helps boost metabolism. Furthermore, the acids and antioxidant properties present in citrus fruits make them an excellent natural detoxifier.

While a complete citrus diet is effective in shedding weight at a very fast pace, it is not advisable. This is because only fruits will not provide your body with sufficient nutrients. Rather, supplement your smaller meal portions with citrus fruits. If you do decide to follow a pure citrus diet, remember to drink plenty of water. This will aid the acids and vitamins to work more effectively in your body. Finally, do not do this for more than 5 days at a time. Any more than 5 days to a week could lead to damages in your organs.

Incorporate these fruits into your daily meal plans and watch them help you to lose 10 pounds fast: oranges, tangerines, lemons, and grapefruit. Grapefruit, in particular, has been shown to aid in losing weight faster.

7. Exercise to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Of course, for a long-term weight loss and weight management plans, both diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. Vigorous exercise trims all types of fat including visceral fat. It is important to remember that rapid weight loss can leave visible signs on your body, such as stretch marks and loose skin. These problems cannot be easily removed. With the right diet, one does not need more than 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day to get rid of fat. Follow this basic exercise regime to lose 10 pounds fast:

  • First, warm up – Jog in place for 1 minute. Do shoulder circles for 2-3 minute to stretch your shoulder and back muscles. Bend down at your waist to touch your toes; make sure you do not bend your knees. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat once more. Doing this will help stretch your leg muscles as well.
  • Follow this with Jumping Jacks – complete 2 sets of jumping jacks in 5 minutes. 1 set should include 20 jumping jacks.
  • Now do 2 sets of Burpees. This exercise will work out multiple muscles at once. It also elevates the heart rate, which helps to burn calories faster. 1 set should include 10 burpees.
  • It’s now time for cardio. Run on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, go for a run or take a brisk walk for 20 minutes. Make sure you are running, or walking, fast enough to elevate your heart rate.
  • Finally, cool down to prevent muscle cramps. Follow the stretches you did while warming up.
  • Repeat this routine every day or for at least 5 days in a week.

8. Fiber for Weight Loss

Plenty of fiber is essential for weight loss. By increasing your amount of dietary fiber, you stand to lose weight fast. In numerous studies, it was found that by increasing your dietary fiber content by even 14% ensured a 10% decrease in calorie intake. In addition, natural sources of dietary fiber are filling as well as low in calorie content. Consequently, it becomes easier to lose weight. Finally, just by upgrading your diet to a high-fiber one, you can easily maintain your weight.

Add these sources of fiber into your diet to lose 10 pounds fast: Green vegetables like kale, broccoli, artichokes, and turnips. Legumes and beans like black beans, chickpeas, lima beans, and split peas. And cereals like oats and bran.

9. Peppers to Burn Fat Fast

Hot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. It is present in every type of pepper, except for bell peppers. This compound is what gives the chilies that kick of heat. It is due to this that we get the “burn in your mouth” feeling. This”burn” has been shown to contribute to boosting the metabolism in our bodies. Ingesting capsaicin leads to a rise in body temperature – this contributes to reducing hunger while boosting metabolism. Adding these to your diet is especially relevant for weight loss.

Incorporate these various chilies to your diet to lose 10 pounds fast: jalapeños, cayenne peppers, scotch bonnets, and habañeros.

10. Salt to Lose Weight Naturally

In order to lose 10 pounds fast, you must cut the salt in your diet. Some of the fat that we can see is actually water retention. The sodium in table salt is one of the biggest reasons for water retention. The higher the salt intake is in your diet, the more water you retain. As a result, there will be bloating in various parts of your body, such as your belly. Stop adding salt to your food, or reduce it to the minimal amount. Pay greater attention to food labels for their sodium content. Above all, avoid fast foods and junk foods like potato chips, as the salt content in these is very high.

11. Protein to Boost Weight Loss

Another essential building block to losing fat is protein. Protein helps to combat insulin resistance in our bodies. Since the fat-storing cells lose their ability to insulin as we age, we tend to put weight on more easily. A diet high in protein will help to fight that and cut down fat better. It is shown that for every 10 grams of protein you eat, your body will carry 4% less fat.

Add these proteins-rich foods to your diet to lose weight: Eggs, Lean meats, Milk, Low-fat Yogurt, and Fish. For vegetarian or vegan alternatives, you can try: Tofu, Seitan, Green Peas,  Quinoa, Soy milk, and other such options.

12. Go Nuts to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Nuts are packed with high contents of dietary fiber. As we know, fiber is essential to losing weight. Although they are small in size, nuts are the quickest way to increase the dietary fiber content in your diet. And, in addition to this, they contain essential proteins and healthy fats. Plus, they are a great and healthy alternative for snacking on.

If you’re feeling hungry at any point, munch on these, raw or dry-roasted (no salt for obvious reasons!): Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pine nuts.

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