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Negative Calorie Foods List

A food is considered as negative calorie food if its level of calorie is low. And, while eating and digesting it uses up more energy than the food itself. If you will eat nothing but such foods you will eventually starve to death. As this is of sited example. Drinking a water provides no calories at all, but yet the body uses some calories to simply bring the water up to your body’s temperature, so the simple act of drinking a glass of cold water uses up a few calories. There are a variety of foods that create a negative calorie effect, they improve your metabolism and helps you to lose weight effectively. These food are usually plant-derived foods that are high in water content and rich in fiber. Since your body takes longer time to burn off the fibrous foods. Here is the negative calorie foods list.

negative calorie foods

Negative Calorie Foods List:

1.) Celery- Food with Negative Calorie

About 75% of celery is water and rest of the 25% is fiber and other roughage. As a result that this tasty vegetable is full of water and provides you fewer calories that it will take for your body to digest the snack. Burning more calories than it contains make celery to come in the negative calorie foods list. Celery is a good source of fiber that will help you to feel full for longer and reduce the urge to snack.

  • Its health benefits don’t end at weight loss. It is full of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Celery has antioxidant properties that help to improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the chances of developing heart-related problems like heart attack and cardiovascular disease.
  • The fiber content present in celery promote regular bowel movement and boost digestive health. You can eat raw celery or you can try lightly seasoning them with salt. Or you can also dip celery in hot sauce to make a spicy snack.

2.) Grapefruit- Negative calorie Foods

Grapefruit is about 60% water and most of the rest of this fruits healthy fiber that boosts digestion and promotes the feeling of fullness.

  • Pectin is the fiber found in the grapefruit and just doesn’t fill you up but it also reduces arterial hardening and helps to protect your body against heart disease.
  • Eating plenty of grapefruits can also help you to boost your metabolism and burn more calories at a faster rate.
  • Grapefruit is an excellent choice at any time of the day. If you want to eat something sweet then nothing can be better than grapefruit which is also healthy. It contains phytonutrient called limonoids which can even reduce the chances of developing stomach tumors, colon, and even lung tumor.
  • People who eat greatest qualities of red grapefruit typically have up to 16% lower levels of LDL cholesterol.

3.) Lettuce and Leafy Green- Low Calorie Food

The main reason they burn more calories is that they are made up of 50% of water and 50% fiber, as a result, they are an excellent source of energy. They also help to reduce the urge of sweet eat treats.

  • If you want to lose weight and improve your overall heath then simply eat leafy green are the best choice. Lettuce and leafy green vegetables are one of the negative calorie foods.
  • A juice portion of kale provides you anti-carcinogenic nutrients called glucosinolates, which is highly effective at reducing the risk of colon, prostate, ovaries breast and bladder cancer.
  • Just a single serving of kale contain about 1300% of your daily recommendation of vitamin K and 192% of vitamin A and they help to promote strong and healthy bones
  • Spinach also has lots of health benefits. Only 1 gm of spinach is full of more protein than a gram of steak, and protein causes your digestive system to work particularly hard.

4.) Apple and Orange- Negative Calorie Foods

It is the best food for those who love to eat sweet. These fruits have enough fiber to keep you full without tons of sugar that will go straight to your problem areas.

  • They will help you to lose weight if you will eat them in moderation. They contain an amazing powerful nutrient that improves your quality of life.
  • Quercetin is found in apples and there is some evidence that it could lower the risk of Alzheimer disease by protecting your body from the damage that is caused by free radicals.
  • On the other hand, oranges are wonderful for heart health. They contain potassium and magnesium, which naturally regulate blood pressure.
  • They are a source of something called hesperidin which lowers levels of cholesterol. It also helps to reduce the risk of stroke by almost 20%.

5.) Cucumber- Food Low in Calorie

Like many other fruits that come in the category of negative calorie foods list, cucumber are mostly made up of water. It helps you to lose weight in a healthy way. Cucumber can keep you hydrated before or after the long workout of a gym.

  • Adding cucumber to your diet in summer could be a very delicious choice. It tastes great along with reducing your weight.
  • Cucumber helps to improve your resistance to disease. It is some of the best vegetables that are high in vitamin C and there are plenty of evidence that high intake of vitamin C is linked to an improved ability to resist invasion by virus and bacteria.
  • Eating plenty of cucumber will help you to reduce the inflammation in your body as a cucumber contain enzymes that have an anti-inflammatory influence.

6.) Asparagus- Negative Calorie Foods

If you will eat grilled and seasoned asparagus, so it can be so enjoyable and easy to forget that you are eating a vegetable.

  • You can eat it raw or you can add it to your pasta dishes. Or you make choose it to make a side dish with a portion of lean meat.
  • It has detoxification property due to it contains diuretic nutrients that help to remove toxins from your system. It also helps to boost the metabolism.
  • Asparagus is also good for pregnant women due to folate content present in it. Folate is connected to reduce the risk of life-threatening birth defects such as spina bifida. It also contains calcium which improves the chances of a baby being at a healthy birth weight.
  • Asparagus can also reduce the bloating or swelling, it is pretty much clear that this vegetable is an ideal for women when she’s expecting a baby.

7.) Broccoli- Food have Negative Calorie

Broccoli is one of the best food that you will eat and contain around 30 calories per 100 gm of serving that’s why it come in the category of negative calorie foods. Fiber content is high in broccoli that will help to keep you full and satisfied and the protein is equal to that found in rice.

  • It also helps to improve your immune system and fight against invading infections. Broccoli can also be an excellent addition to your diet. Broccoli is the source of beta-carotene, selenium and zinc and all of which have been shown to boost the immune system.
  • The carotenoid lutein in broccoli helps to combat arterial hardening, thereby reduce the risk of fatal heart attack and stroke.
  • When you eat broccoli to make sure to eat it either raw or steam if you want to preserve all the nutrient in it.

8.) Coffee- Negative Calorie Foods

Coffee can be a real asset when you are seeking for drinks and foods that they burn calories than they contain. A serving of coffee actually provides you zero calories. Black coffee may seem very bitter when you will first start drinking but is well worth when you get used to it taste.

  • It has the ability to change the level of certain hormones in your digestive system that alerts you whether you are hungry of full or reduce craving.
  • Caffeine is also capable of boosting your metabolic rate. It is also linked to a reduction in risk of several major illness including liver cancer, type 2 disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

9.) Watermelon- Zero Calorie Foods

Eating watermelon in summers gives relief to your body and it is also extremely low in calories and helps you to lose weight. It is one of the best negative calorie foods which also has other health benefits.

  • You can mix it with other fruit salad, cut it into cubes and eat it.
  • Watermelon is a rich source of vitamin B which increases your energy level and reduce your need to eat extra foods. It doesn’t contain any fat and fewer calories, that why it is the best friend of those who is overweight.

10.) Cabbage- Negative Calorie Foods

Cabbage has the ability to prevent cancer and heart disease and it often comes at the top of a list of foods that help with weight loss. This is because its calorie count is so low and it takes more calories to digest it. Cabbage soup is considered as one of the great way to eat cabbage as it si a filling meal and contains far fewer calories than other soups. It contains about 25 calories in 100 gm of serving.

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