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How to Prevent Bed Bug?

This article is about how to prevent bed bug. Bed bugs are small parasites which feed upon the blood. They use blood as their meals and they grow and reproduce. They are not differentiated into clean or dirty homes. Also, every person is vulnerable to infestations in their homes. Moreover, these bed bugs are capable of feeding on animals like cow, dog, or other pets. Bed bugs live close to the area where people sleep or take rest for long periods. Starving bugs can move out from their place in search of blood from exposed skin.

Most of the time, it is likely to seen that the head, neck are bitten. Bed bugs also bite hands, arms or any other exposed area. These bugs can move quickly from one place to another. In addition to this, bed bugs come near to the person without any notice and as a result, it bites. The bug bite can be mistaken by bite of some other insect. Usually, every person is sensible to bug bites. It causes redness, irritation or a rash ranging from mild to serious. These bed bugs are not known to transmit the disease. You can easily get rid of bed bugs by applying some home remedies.

How to prevent bed bug

Remedies to Prevent Bed Bug:

Having bed bugs is a common problem. If you are having bed bugs, no need to worry. You can easily prevent bed bug by applying some preventive measures.

1.) Clean Bed Sheets, Blankets to Prevent Bed Bugs

Cleaning is an important step to prevent bed bug infestation. To get rid of bed bugs, clean your bed sheets, pillows, sofa covers, mattresses time to time. You can clean them by washing, keeping them in sunlight and remove away the unwanted dirt. To apply this remedy take detergent or suitable soap. Wash your bed sheets, covers with water and detergent regularly. Moreover, keep them in sunlight for some period of time. Do this remedy to keep your materials clean, so that it can prevent you from bed bug.  Also, it will help to stop them from reoccurring.

2.) Vacuuming to Kill Bugs

Vacuum your entire house to prevent from bed bug. It helps to clean the area of your house. To use this remedy take a vacuum cleaner and clean the house, especially bedroom. Make sure to clean the bed and other discrete areas. Also, don’t forget to clean the vacuum after using it. This is an effective remedy to clean your house and kill bed bugs. Try out this remedy to prevent bed bug. This is convenient and easy to use.

3.) Sealing Cracks to Get Rid of Bed Bug

Seal cracks can help you to get rid of bed bugs. You can fill the cracks by using rubber, paper or plastic sand. Caulking the cracks will prevent the entry of bugs. It also kills them if it is inside the crack by stopping the flow of oxygen. Sealing the cracks also helps to burst off the eggs of bug. This remedy is really helpful in preventing the infestation of  bed bugs. Remember, bed bugs are very tiney and can easily crawl from the cracks. Be careful to properly block the cracks to prevent bed bug

4.)  Steam to Prevent Bed Bugs

This treatments is an effective remedy for bed bugs. Steam treatment is very beneficial in killing bugs close to the surface (less than ½” inch), but it is not beneficial in treating bugs further than that. Dry heat is a good method to treat mattresses and any type of fabrics. When a dryer is run for 5 to 10 minutes, the temperature reaches up to 130˚ F which is higher than the required temperature to kill any bed bugs. This high temperature kills the bug by bursting them out. Try this remedy to get rid of bed bugs. It is easy to use without causing you any side effects.

5.) Margosa to Prevent Bed Bug

Margosa is also called as neem. It is antibiotic and antiseptic in nature. It kills the bugs by its preventive properties. Moreover, it not only kills the bugs but it also helps its further growth. Take some leaves of margosa plant. Keep near the bed, pillow covers, holes, cracks or in a bundle of clothes. You can also take some dried leaves of margosa plant. Burn them and let its smoke to enter in your room. Its smoke will suffocate the bug and kill them. This remedy is easy to use without any side effects. Try out margosa to prevent bed bug.

6.) Lavender Oil for Bed Bug

Lavender oil has a sharp smell. Its fragrance can kill the bed bugs by blocking their respiratory tract. It automatically cleans your mattresses, fabrics by killing the bugs. To apply this remedy take some lavender oil and spray it near the cracks, bed, sofa or so on. You can also use room freshener of lavender oil, as it also helps to kill the bed bugs. Moreover, take some fresh flowers of lavender and keep them in your bedroom. It will prevent the infestation of bugs. Try out this remedy to prevent beg bugs. It is easy to use without any side effects.

7.) Moth Balls to Prevent Bed Bug

Using moth balls can be an effective remedy to kill bed bugs. The sharp smell of moth balls helps to get rid of reproduction of bugs. It blocks the respiratory tract of bug and makes them difficult to breathe. It is one of the easy remedies to kill a bug. These balls are easily available in the market. To apply this remedy take some moth balls and place it near the area where there are excess beg bugs. Do this remedy for some days. You will easily get rid of bugs. This is an excellent remedy to kill bed bugs. However, they are not good for humans either so it is important to keep them away from children and adults.

8.) Mint Oil to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Mint has a sharp smell. It prevents from bed bugs by killing them or making them to run away. The smell of mint is so sharp that it suffocates the respiratory tract of bug and kills them. Take some mint oil and directly put it near the bed, corners of the room or so on. Alternatively, you can spray mint with the help of sprayers or room freshener. This method will help you to get rid of bed bugs. This is a natural remedy without any side effects.

9.) Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Heating can help to get rid of bed bugs. It kills the bug by increasing the temperature. Moreover, it kills the egg of bugs by bursting them out. You can give heat to bed bugs by ironing the mattress, fabrics of your bedroom. Bed bugs cannot survive in hot temperatures. Alternatively, give a hot steam to the mattresses. It also makes your room clean and prevent the bed bugs from laying eggs.  Try out this remedy to sleep without any nightmare.

10.) Ammonia to Kill Bed Bugs

Ammonia has sharp smell. Its pungent smell helps the bug to kill. It is easily available and is cost friendly. To apply this remedy take some amount of ammonia powder and sprinkle it near the corners, cracks or the places where bugs are maximum in number. Its smell will help to get rid of beg bug by preventing their infestation. Try ammonia overnight to prevent bed bugs. It is simple to use without any side effects.

11.) Bed Posts for Bed Bug

Bed posts are very helpful in stopping a bed bug infestation. Applying a barrier between the floor and the bed prevents the bug to reach the bed. It doesn’t allow them to enter in the mattresses or fabrics. These bed bugs are not very costly and easily available from the market. You can purchase these bed posts and keep between floor and bed. This easy remedy will help to get rid of bed bugs. Moreover, it is easy to use and is a onetime effort.

12.) Prevent Bed Bugs by Sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth

The main ingredients in the diatomaceous earth is the soil, which is made up of the tiny fossils of algae. This diatomaceous earth helps to prevent the bed bug infestation. Therefore, you can sprinkle the diatomaceous earth around your bed and protect yourself from its nightmare. Try out this remedy to kill bed bugs

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