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How to Put on Eyeshadow?

This article is about steps to put on eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is beauty product which beautifies and enlarges the  eyes. Our bare eyes look nude and numb at times when it’s been stressed upon for long. Eyeshadow range in a variety of  colors as they go on and around the eyelid as well as to the lower lash line to add  a definition to our eyes. The eyeshadows are available in powdered and cream formulas. Both can be applied with a makeup brush and fingers.

It is advisable to apply eyeshadow with the help of brushes as they provide more precision as compared to the fingers. Eyeshadow would be very tricky for beginners, particularly if one has a nonstandard eye type (for instance hooded eyelids, monolids, protruding or deep-set eyes Sometimes you might want to try different eyeshadow for different looks. Eyeshadow is primarily used to accentuate the natural shape of the eyes, thereby highlighting the areas that protrude outwards and the contoured areas that are at the crease of the eye.

How to Put on Eyeshadow?

Steps to Put  on Eyeshadow:

1.) Choose Your Eyeshadow 

When we go to a makeup store, you will get an ample number of options to choose from. Choosing the right texture, hue, and brand is what one would be intimidated to use. Choose the best eye shadow. Eyeshadows come in a variety of ranges which would be never thought of like compact powder, cream, and loose powder.

  • The very highly pigmented eye shadows are the typical loose powder as these are more difficult to control due to their loose form. It’s easier to apply the cream ones than the powdered eye shadow.
  • One normally requires a light, medium, and dark eye shadow.
  • If one doesn’t want to look overdone with eyeshadow, then opt for three shades in neutral tones like brown or gray. Or else opt for any color that might appeal to your style.

2.) Know How to Put on Eyeshadow

When applying your eyeshadow one of the best ways is by using the correct eyeshadow as it helps in increasing the strokes of the brushes as well as its speed. By rushing with your makeup or using the wrong brush strokes you will get an unattractive and a messy eyeshadow application.

  • While applying the pigmented for the first time to your eyelid pat the eyeshadow on or just brush the eyeshadow across your lid. It helps in sticking to one’s lid better.
  • Use short, slow brushes going in one direction instead of sweeping the eyeshadow back and forth.
  • Never move hands quickly as you apply your eyeshadow all the way over your eyelids while applying your eyeshadow.
  • Never put your eyeshadow all the way up your eyebrows. It’s a sure way to add too much drama and make them look over.

3.) Use a Primer Before You Put an Eyeshadow

The basics of the makeup begin with a primer. The primer increases the longevity of your entire makeup and it keeps it intact. So before applying eyeshadow apply an eye primer to your eyes. Another advantage of the primer is, it will protect your skin from the reaction of the makeup applied over. Moreover, it makes your skin smooth and thus it is for you to apply eyeshadow on.

4.) Play It Peachy to Put on Eye Shadow

There are many kinds of looks that one puts on according to the time of the day. Therefore, the focus would be to go for a peachy shade.  It’s a light and pale makeup but adds just right amount of vibrancy to our eyes which are needed for the day.

5.) Go For Gold to Put on Eye Shadow

Every girl needs a shimmery gold eyeshadow palette which is an essential cosmetic for every girl’s makeup. If you want to avoid going smoky a little bit of shimmery gold is must upon your lids, this will do the magic. One can choose to intensify your eyeshadow according to how much shimmer one needs to put on before one starts putting one’s eyeliner. If one wants things in a different way, one can add some in the inner corners of one’s eyes make our eyes more highlighting. For a perfect eye makeup apply an eye liner and eye mascara also. This will accentuate your eyes and add more drama to it.

Things to Remember to Put on Eyeshadow:

1.) Always Wash Your Hands before Putting The Eyelids

Before you begin your makeup clean your face and hands as you would be touching your eyes, which is a very sensitive organ, therefore always keep a moisturizer and towel along while traveling as it would helpful while applying the eye shadow or basically makeup outside the house.

2.) Use a Natural Eye Product to Put on Eyeshadow

The basic idea of a natural product for sensitive skin is to use a natural product. If one is allergic to cosmetic products which are usually man-made there are smaller chances of irritation. So it’s advisable to use 100% pure cosmetic products. There is eyeshadow which is closely pigmented with black tea, as the black tea mascara contain fruits coloring instead of synthetic dyes which could mess with one’s skin.

3.) Keep Your Eye Cosmetic Outside of Your Eye

It is advisable not to use eye cosmetics or eyeliner on the inner eyelids. it’s a place where makeup could get in the eyes. This is very harmful as it’s a hindrance against our vision.

4.) Apply Your Normal Face Makeup

Applying the eye makeup would be the last step while applying one’s makeup. So it’s best to put one’s regular makeup first. Put concealer, foundation, bronzer or blush as well as brow liner before putting your eyeshadow upwards. It’s advised never to apply mascara before putting your eyeshadow until one is preparing for a highly specialized look for the day as it must come before applying smoky eye shadow.

5.) Eye Cosmetic Applicator Must Be Clean When You Put on Eyeshadow

By using the eyeshadow make it a point to wash your hands and replace the sponges and brushes regularly. Eye cosmetics applicator tends to darken and highlight one’s eyes. Therefore, maintain cleanliness while applying the eyeshadow applicator.

6.) Don’t Apply Eyeshadow Frequently

Eyeshadows contain ingredients that could irritate the eyes. As irritation in the eyes can lead to weakening our eyesight. A weak eyesight will no longer add to one’s beauty. Too much of glittery eyeshadow will shed into our eyes and thereby lead to weakening the eyesights. Instead, use a soft cotton clean your eyes and water as it helps to clarify your skin and all the extra water and the eye shadow.

7.) Apply An Antihistamine and or Some Eye drops

Artists in Canada, particularly Makeup Artists like Andrea Claire, who has been suffering from eye sensitivity explains how she has been suffering from eye sensitivity ,advises to take an antihistamine if has heavy makeup on. The antihistamine  really helps so that our eyes don’t  appear to be red or teary.

Not everybody would be in favor of popping a pill before they pile an eyeshadow is what was told by the artist Andrea Claire. Artist, Andrea Claire has recommended Naphcon- An Allergy Relief Eye drops, this makes the whites of one’s eyes truly white and super soothing

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