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How to Stop Binge Eating?

This article is about binge eating and various ways to stop binge eating. If you overeat and could not stop yourself from eating in excess then you are surely suffering from binge eating disorder. Researchers have proven that people feel depressed, guilty and disgusted thus they consumes compulsively. It may surprise us to see that people suffering from binge disorder tend to harm themselves due to lack of self-control.

The binge eating disorder is a very common eating disorder but can be treated. Develop a healthier connection with food in order to get rid of binge eating. The three primary features of binge eating disorder are regular episodes of uncontrolled binge eating. The feeling of extreme distress or feeling upset while bringing or after binging. Therefore, avoid over consumption to stop binge eating.

Symptoms of Binge Eating:

  • Behavioral symptoms
  • Emotional symptoms

Behavioral Symptoms of Binge Eating or Compulsive Overeating:

  • Inability to resist eating or control one’s eating
  • Quickly consuming large quantities of food.
  • Overeating in spite of being sufficiently full.
  • Stockpiling or keeping away to consume later alone.
  • Gorging alone, but eating normally in around people.
  • Continuous consumption all day long without any timetable or incorrect time of consumption .

Emotional Symptoms of Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating

  • Feeling tensed or stress which can only be relieved by consumption.
  • Feeling embarrassed to consume more that expected.
  • The feeling of numbness when one is in the mode of binge eating- as if to say that one is not really present completely at one place.
  • The feeling of dissatisfaction even after consuming a lot.
  • Eagerness to control weight as well as eating

Causes and Effects of Binge Eating

  • Social and Cultural risk factors

The social pressure of being slim or rather thin adds to the short come of binge eating as it develops our tendency towards emotional eating. There  are times when parents unwisely set the environment of binge eating by making food the prized possession or a prize. Children are often teased, criticized or commented about weight as a reason for facing sexual abuse during their childhood.

  • Psychological risk factors

Depression and binge eating are closely connected.

How to Stop Binge Eating?

Remedies  to Stop Binge Eating:

1.) Health Treatment to Stop Beige Eating

Prior to approaching any treatment for your problem to your consult doctor for an official diagnosis. This disorder can only be diagnosed by other healthcare professionals. Your doctor will provide for a physical and emotional symptoms in order to help figure out the suitable way to treat oneself from beige eating.

  • Consult your doctor for the right therapy for to treat your bed .
  • The medications in the form of remedies recommended by the doctor must be accompanied in the form of lifestyle changes therapy.
  • In case you have a very severe case of bed, then it is likely to consult a doctor or a facility to where one could gain round the clock advantages.

2.) Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Stop Binge Eating

One of the best treatment for binge eating is the cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy is kind of talk therapy that one performs with trained mental professional. CBT analyze our current behavior therapy and thoughts which help to frame them into highly productive and healthy patterns.

  • During these sessions, one will be able to formulate a treatment plan with one therapist arising because of behavioral strategies and ways to manage one’s feeling and stabilizing one
  • One could also examine one’s thoughts which lead to one bed and work to reconstruct the ones thought patterns in order to maintain a healthier relationship according to one’s thoughts feelings and body posture.
  • One would be working on reducing one’s triggers, maintaining one’s current pace and avoiding one relapse. In this way, one would revive  a healthier way of life.

Look for a CBT therapist in your nonlinear locator. Prefer one that specializes in eating disorder to make sure that you get the best concern as possible.

3.) Try Dialectal Behavior Therapy to Stop Binge

Dialectal behavior is a type of talk therapy that coincides with the aspects of CBT with eastern approaches for mental treatment ways and are more focused upon dealing with the emotional aspects of the bed. It basically consists of four main types of treatment and they are as follows

  • Mindfulness is a way to keep control of one’s mind and thoughts and not letting them control you.
  • Distress tolerance teaches us to cope with emotional suffering ways.
  • Regulation of emotion is a way to teach us how to validate our negative thoughts, emotions and regulate our positive thinking.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness is an idea to create beneficial effectiveness in terms of building our relationships that provide you emotional balance.

4.) Look into Interpersonal Psychotherapy to Stop Binge Eating

Interpersonal psychotherapy is a way to particularly target in order to help you to improve one’s interpersonal skills with ones loved ones and keep a track of how these relationships are a reason that they are affected and harm your bed. If one feels that one bed is triggered by how one interacts or further mingles with others or with unhealthy relationships.You will work on how to get social interaction how one relates with others, including friends, family, and colleagues.

5.) Find a Support Group to Stop Binge Eating

If one is suffering from binge eating disorder, then one must find oneself a binge eating support group. By joining a support group on will find oneself those habits that one may not have come across.These people have experienced what you are  going on currently and can empathize with you.

6.) Change Your Eating Habits to Stop Binge Eating

The primary problem of binge eating is untimely eating, especially when you aren’t hungry. This can lead to excessive eating and eating when one isn’t hungry. There could be other reasons could be when one is stressed, or only when you are hungry. There could be other reasons as well.

One can prevent this only by eating when you are hungry. One need to assess as when one is hungry or when one feels hungry.

7.) Avoid Bored Eating to Stop Binge Eating

One begins to start binge eating when one isn’t hungry but one has the tendency to binge eat. Ask yourself if you are bored and start consuming. One must have noticed that one must be often peering into the refrigerator just because you have nothing else to do.If this happens avoid eating.

  • Drink a glass of water or stay active.
  • Ring up your best friend or develop a new hobby instead of random eating.

8.) Schedule Meal Times to Stop Binge Eating

Eating at regular schedule times can prevent oneself from binge eating.If one does not consume food for half a day, then one can count oneself as being in the habit of binge eating.Consult a nutritionist as he/she will help prepare a suitable and best meal timetable according to one’s lifestyle as one will be consuming healthy food that one enjoys and is also tasty and nutritious.

  • In this way, one will not feel like one is just hogging over a distasteful meal rather than what one really wants.
  • Keep a healthy snack in the home to have between meals. Keep three distinct meals which would keep healthy options like fruits snacks, nuts in the middle of meals.

9.) Manage Your Options to Stop Binge Eating

One way to avoid binge eating is to maintain the consumption in portions. Never eat anything randomly out of a box because one is unaware as to how much one is consuming. Instead, have a measure of one’s meals and snacks by putting them in a plate or bowl. This will help to keep the eating habits in control and one can stay away from binge eating or overeating.

  • When one has a craving for peanut butter if instead of keeping oneself away from consuming it one must have a good spoon full of peanut butter with banana. Rather than consuming one full spoon of the whole peanut butter after five days .
  • Binge eating is very often performed quickly to be paid little attention if one pays little attention to binge eat is consuming. Keeping a track of what one is consuming as there are times when one does not pay attention to what one is consuming

10.) Eat in the Right Places to Avoid Binge Eating

There must be a right place assigned at your place for eating. It could be your kitchen or he dining table. Avoid eating in front of the television or your computer or when one is attending  a phone call as you will be distracted and you will not be able to enjoy your meal and feel full.

  • People whose are distracted while watching TV or while working have the tendency to consume more than those who are concentrating on eating.
  • Never eat while standing as it makes the process of eating feel disrupted from the eating process.
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