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Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose

This article tells about some home remedies for stuffy nose. Stuffy nose is also termed as nasal congestion. It can be a symptom of sinus infection. A stuffy nose can be annoying. When you are sitting among a group of people and suddenly your nose drips. It is an embarrassment and frustrating situation for one. Stuffy nose creates an obstruction in breathing. It is a nuisance and a considerable discomfort. A stuffy nose occurs when the tissue lining become swollen. This swelling is due to inflamed blood vessels. The pathogens make the vessels to block.

 Moreover, the excess of mucus in your nose can make breathing difficult. The congested nose can occur at any age. It is more likely to  occur in children of small age group or older people. It depends on upon the climatic conditions. A stuffy nose can also occur due to cold or a weak immune system. Nasal congestion can be easily cured at home by some simple home remedies. But if in case  its severe, you may need to consult a doctor.

Causes of Stuffy Nose:

  • Allergy
  • Chemical irritants
  • Pollution
  • Deviated septum
  • Infection in nasal chamber
  • Tumors in nasal passages

Symptoms of Stuffy Nose:

  • Swollen nasal tissue
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Mucus buildup
  • Sinus pain

home remedies for stuffy nose

Remedies for Stuffy Nose:

A stuffy nose can spoil your whole day. It can distract you from your daily routine. You can use any home remedies for a stuffy nose. Try out some and see the benefits.

1.) Steam to Treat Stuffy Nose

Inhaling Steam is a popular home remedy for instant relief from blocked nose. It works as a natural cleanser and cleans the nasal passage. Moreover, it lubricates the respiratory tract. Inhaling steam cleans the nasal congestion. Thus it is one of the best home remedies for stuffy nose. All you need to do is take boiling water. Add a tablespoon of salt in it. Also, add carom seeds or vicks. In addition to this, you can also put some peppermint oil in water. Now keep the water bath at an arm’s length away. Take a towel on your head. Remember to cover the sides of the towel. Now, inhale the steam for 15 minutes. Do this twice a day. To get rid of stuffy nose use this remedy as this is among the best home remedies for stuffy nose.

2.) Mustard Oil as Home Remedy for Stuffy Nose

It is one of the best home remedies for stuffy nose. Mustard oil contains antibiotics, antiviral and anti-fungal properties which give the relief to a stuffy nose. The pungent smell of this oil has been traditionally used for the stuffy nose. The isothiocyanates in mustard oil won’t allow the bacteria to enter inside the body. The interesting part is that mustard oil not only helps to wash away  the mucus but also helps in treating the infection. You can take around 2-3 drops of warm mustard oil. With the help of dropper or a cotton ball, put some drops into each nostril. Keep it for a few seconds till the oil gets into your sinuses. Now it’s time to blow your nose.  This oil will trap the dust and any other particle and cleans your nose. Repeat this process to get relief faster.

3.) Hot Soup to Treat Stuffy Nose

Hot soup can help you out to cure a stuffy nose. It contains effective nutrients and vitamins, which prevents stuffed nose. Moreover, the soup contains anti-oxidants and antibiotic properties which speed up the treatment for blocked nose. It also increases immunity and doesn’t allow further growth of bacteria. It strengthens your body and relieves you from a nasal infection. Thus it is one of the best home remedies for stuffy nose. Take some vegetables in water. Boil it to make it soupy. You can add some more ingredients of your choice. Also, put some salt, pepper or spice of your choice. Have it until it cools down. Try to drink it twice a day for good results. To get rid of a cold, drink chicken soup until you completely get cured. Try this delicious soup to treat a stuffy nose.

4.) Honey to Cure Stuffy Nose

The antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties of honey help to cure a stuffy nose. It fights the infection, which causes nasal irritation. It reduces the inflammation of the blood vessels and allows the easy passage of mucus. Add a couple of teaspoons of honey to the glass of warm water. Stir and enjoy it well. Drink this twice a day. Alternatively, you can make lemon-honey tea, with a pinch of cinnamon powder. Pour it and drink the mixture. This process will also boost up the immune system and will remove the problem of stuffy nose. Its cure the irritation and therefore, a sweet and delicious cocktail for blocked nose. This is among the best home remedies for stuffy nose.

5.) Ginger as Home Remedy for Stuffy Nose

It is one of the best home remedies Ginger has been used for years to treat the sinus problem. It cures the inflammation, swelling and itching in the nose. Moreover, it kills the bacteria, infection or any fungus which causes the stuffy nose. Sipping a warm cup of ginger tea can cure your problem. Take a piece of ginger root. Cut it into pieces to boiling in a cup of water. Make its tea by adding honey in it. Have this tea to relieve the stuffy nose. Another way is to chew a small piece of ginger root. Its juice can prevent the problem of stuffed nose. Repeat it at least twice a day for a stuffy nose. This is among the best home remedies for stuffy nose.

6.) Herbal Tea for Stuffy Nose

Herbal tea can be used as natural home remedies for a stuffy nose. This tea is commonly suggested as ailments for nasal congestion. It cures the inflammation, cold, allergies, and the flu. As an herbal tea is a mixture of natural ingredients, so it has multiple properties. Thus it is one of the best home remedies for stuffy nose. Take a tea bag of herbal tea in a cup of hot water. Mix it. Drink it sip by sip. Have this tea twice a day for better results. You can also make an herbal tea at home by mixing ginger, garlic, peppermint, cloves, salt or so on. For good results do it daily. This method is simple and efficient to do at home.

7.) Saline Water to Prevent Stuffy Nose

Saline water can be tried to prevent stuffy nose. Moreover, the saline water clears the nasal passage. It also reduces the inflammation of blood vessels. The saline water kills the germs by the process of osmosis. It also loosens the trapped mucous and flushes irritants out of your body. Take 3-4 spoons of warm water and dissolve some salt in it. You can also add baking soda as an optional ingredient. Take a dropper and put some drops in each nasal cavity. Remember to lie down on a chair or bed with your head in an upwards direction. Stay in the same position for some time. Repeat this twice a day to get rid of stuffy nose.

 8.) Acupressure for Stuffy Nose

Acupressure is among the old home remedies for stuffy nose. Applying pressures to certain areas can give you relief from a stuffy nose. There are several acupuncture points on our face. Place both of your index fingers on sides of eye cavity, below the eyebrows. Start massaging it. Repeat this for 1 minute. Place your fingers outside the eye cavity and give a massage in outwards circles. Moreover, put your forefingers on the forehead and apply some pressure. Repeat all these, at least twice a day. For good results do it daily. This method is simple and easy to do at home.

9.) Basil as One of Home Remedy for Stuffy Nose

Basil is a great expectorant. It helps to expel the phlegm from the chest. It is anti-bacterial, anti- fungal which kills the stuffy nose causing bacteria. Moreover, it regulates the immune system, making you prepare to fight the infection. Basil opens the nasal chambers by reducing inflammation. Take fresh leaves of basil. Boil it in water. Add honey in it. Drink this tea slowly. It will give warmth to the throat and nasal passage. Thus, it soothes the nasal congestion. Alternatively, you can chew some fresh leaves of basil. It will also give you equal effects. Try this home remedy to prevent stuffy nose.

10.) Garlic to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

Garlic is one of the potent home remedies for stuffy nose and nasal congestion. It is an important medicinal herb  which is used widely for ailments. It treats sinus infection and restricts the mucus flow. Garlic contains allicin which is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. It eliminates the infection. Crush some fresh lobes of garlic. Put it in hot water. Add some honey to taste. Drink the delicious tea to prevent stuffy nose. Moreover, you can chew a fresh lobe of garlic. Its juice will relieve the congestion. Repeat it at least twice a day for a stuffy nose. This is among the best home remedies for stuffy nose.

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