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Iodine Rich Foods – Foods High in Iodine

Iodine is an essential mineral that is vital for proper functioning of the body. This is very essential for managing the growth and metabolism of the body. An iodine deficiency can cause many symptoms such as fatigue, high cholesterol, lethargy, depression and swelling of the thyroid gland. One of the iodine deficiency is a goiter, which is visible by the swollen of the neck. Iodine is often a mineral necessary for the proper healthy functioning of the body. Lack of iodine is the reason for developing diseases like hypothyroidism, which is regarded as a body condition caused by less production of thyroid hormones. You can cure the iodine deficiency, by eating some foods.There are many iodine rich foods which you can eat to cure your problem. Also, eating iodized salt by sprinkling on your food is also a good choice. Start consuming more iodized food to cure the deficiency of iodine.

iodine rich foods

List of Iodine Rich Foods:

Iodine is very necessary for the body. It prevents you from many diseases. If you are suffering from a deficiency of iodine, no need to worry. Here is the list of iodine rich foods. You can eat some of them and fulfills the needs of iodine.

1.) Yogurt among Iodine Rich Foods

Yogurt is the dairy product which contains the relevant amount of iodine. It is not only loaded with iodine but is also full of other nutrients as compared to other fruits and vegetables. It can be a part of a healthy diet. Yogurt contains friendly bacteria called lactobacillus, which is very helpful in overall maintenance of the body. It aids digestion and soothes the digestive tract. It also prevents the body from free radicals and prevents from dangerous infection. The enzymes present in yogurt boost your immune system. You can eat curd in your breakfast. Also one can prepare its cocktail by adding water, sugar or mango juice in it. Adding fruits in plain yogurt are also a good option. Male a habit of eating curd as it is among foods high in iodine.

2.) Potatoes-Best Iodine Rich Foods

Potatoes are very common vegetables and are easily available in the market. It has a variety of benefits. Potatoes are very rich in iodine. Moreover, it consists of dietary staples such as fiber, vitamins, minerals or so on. It is estimated that one medium sized potato, contains around 60 microgrammes of iodine. This food helps to prevent the thyroid problem and maintains the iodine balance in the body. Potatoes also help to fight cancer. You can eat potatoes in any way you want. One can boil them in water and eat. Also, you can cook some delicious dish with it. Add potatoes in your diet as it is among iodine rich foods.

3.) Oysters having Plenty of Iodine

Oysters are loaded with very high amounts of iodine. Eating oysters everyday can fulfill the daily requirements of iodine.  It is a natural source of iodine. It helps to heal the wound earlier. This element has a high value of heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which dilutes the blood and prevents heart diseases. Moreover, oysters are very rich in iron and it makes the transport of oxygen very easy throughout the body. To eat oysters you can buy them from the market. Boil them and eat. Alternatively, you can make its soup and drink. Also, you can eat them by making some tasty dish of your choice. So try some oysters to complete the iodine content in your body.

4.) Cheese-Rich in Iodine

Cheese is a great food. It is loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Cheese contains many essential nutrients, including iodine. It is estimated that around one packet of cheese contains 59 microgrammes of iodine. This food also strengthens your muscles and keeps you strong. Cheese also contains calcium and therefore, it makes your bones stronger. You can eat milk anytime in a day. Also, you can add some chocolate powder, honey or sugar in it for taste. The best part is you can eat cheese anytime in a day. So, add cheese in your diet as it is very beneficial for health.

5.) Cod Loaded with Iodine

Cod is a kind of fish which is very delicious. It is a lot of fat, low-calorie fish and is packed with several nutrients. It has been found that around 3 ounces of cod fish contain 99 microgrammes of iodine. Cod is a healthy source of protein, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. It soothes the digestive system of the body. Moreover, it maintains the metabolism of the body. This food is also very helpful in ion exchange of the body. You can eat cod by simply boiling it. Moreover, one can cook any mouth watering dish from it. Also, try its delicious soup. Make a habit of eating fish in your diet, as it is a good source of iodine.

6.) Shrimp among Iodine Rich Foods

Shrimp is a seafood which is a great source of iodine. Around 3 ounces of shrimp serves 35 microgrammes of iodine. It protects from the problems of the thyroid, goiter, skin infections or so on. Shrimp also boosts up the metabolism of the body. The omega 3s oil present in shrimp prevents from heart problems. You can eat shrimp in different ways. You can boil shrimp and eat it. Moreover, you can prepare its soup and drink. Also, one can prepare a tasty and delicious recipe from this food. Add it to your diet and to fulfill the iron content in your body.

7.) Prunes to Prevent Iron Deficiency

These are among sweet fruits and easily available. Prunes are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. They also contain vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K or so on. Five prunes consist of 13 microgrammes of iodine.  This food is also a good source of iodine. It maintains the ionic balance of your body. Moreover, it helps to soothe the digestive tract and relieves the stomach. This food is also very beneficial for eye sight. You can buy prunes from the nearest grocery store at a reasonable price. Add this food to your diet as it is very good for health and among iodine rich foods.

8.) Cauliflower- Rich in Iodine

Cauliflower is a tasty veggie. It is a very rich source of iodine and consists of minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C, K, and A. This food is also very rich in fiber and soothes the digestive system of the body.  Cauliflower helps to reduce the cholesterol level in the body and helps in minimizing of heart diseases. It also prevents early aging effects. This miracle veggie helps in ionic balance of the body. To add this food to your diet all you need to do is to combine cauliflower with some iodine rich foods and eat. You can also prepare its soup by adding some spices. Alternatively, you can cook some dessert with this amazing veggie.

9.) Corn Rich Source of Iodine

Corn is full of iodine. It is found that around one bowl of corn gives you about 16 mcg of iodine. This food helps in the growth and regeneration of the cells. Corn also contains some essential vitamins and minerals, which keeps you healthy. Moreover, it relieves from the problems like depression, stress, tensions or so on. Corn also helps to soothe the process of digestion. It consists of antioxidants, which kills the free radicals from the body. If you eat around a can of corn in a day. It will add positive effects on your metabolism and overall health of the body. Also, you can try its soup or cook some delicious dish with corn. Add this food in your diet as it is a very rich source of vitamins.

 10.) Milk as a Good Source of Iodine

Milk is a famous food which is available almost everywhere. It is also called complete food. Milk is loaded with iodine and lots of calcium. It helps to make the bones strong. Also, it cures muscle tension. Iodine also prevents from thyroid and various heart diseases. Milk also helps to maintain the deficiency of calcium by reversing the process of calcification. It also prevents the blood loss and impaired growth. You can drink a glass of boiled milk to cure the deficiency of iodine in the body. Also, one can eat the milk products to fulfill the requirement of iodine by the body. Add this food to your diet and fulfill the iodine requirement of the body.

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