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How to Cut your Own Hair? (Men)

A trip to the barbershop for haircuts is fine for a special occasion, but it is not cheap and convenient to go to the salon every week. You can save your money by trimming your own hair at home. You will feel nervous for the first couple of times but after some time you will be glad you learned it, and remember one thing practice makes men perfect. Keep practice on your hair and gradually you will become a master of cutting your own hair. If in case you  did mistake so you can go to a salon and fix it. Keep reading this article to know how to cut your own hair and you will learn by following this steps or tips.

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Ways to Cut your Own Hair

1.) Buy a Right Tool to Cut your Own Hair

  • Get a fine tooth comb because the comb will be used to take a section and straighten your hair. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get the cut you want. Use a long comb instead of a shorter pocket comb. If you don’t have long comb so you can also use a pocket comb but it will be difficult to take a section from the pocket comb.
  • Using dull and unsharp scissor is a bad  idea as you will find it harder to cut your hair and may end up giving yourself split ends and uneven hair. You will lose your confidence with a bad haircut after using dull scissor that’s why sharp scissor is necessary.
  • You can easily buy hair cutting scissor at beauty supply stores. You can find them pretty cheaply. If you don’t want to buy hair cutting scissor, a fabric scissor is also enough but make sure that it should be really sharp.
  • The first step in cutting your hair at home is to invest in the right tools. If you are not a professional you can only buy a sharp pair of hair cutting scissor and a fine toothed comb.

2.) Wash your Hair Before the Haircut

Wash your hair because wet hair is much easier to cut than dry hair. Make sure to rinse off your hair with shampoo and conditioner before you start to cut your own hair.

  • If your hair is too long or thick, so there is a chance that section of your hair might get start to dry before you reach them to cut. To tackle this problem fill a spray bottle little conditioner and water. Then you can get wet and smooth your hair whenever you need to.
  • Your hair should be sleek and tangled free, so can fully comb out your hair once you get out of the shower. You can use a leave-in conditioner if your hair tends to be freeze or fly away.

3.) Position Yourself into a Mirror to Cut your Own Hair

Positon, yourself in front of the mirror so that you will be able to see what you are doing with your hair. Go in front of the large sized mirror on your bathroom wall or wherever you have a mirror. It will help you to see what you are cutting in front or the sides.

  • You can also set up a second mirror so you can see the back of your head.
  • You can hang this mirror on the wall or as a hand mirror held by an assistant.

4.) Part your Hair into Section

Part your hair into sections and tackle them one by one. Part your hair at the outer edge of each eyebrow and comb the hair that is part of the section. Do this on both sides. It is very important to part your hair into the sections to cut your own hair.

5.) Start with Sides to Cut Hair

Common barbers start with on one the of the head and then proceeded around the back of the other side. But don’t follow this to cut your own hair, first start with the one side and after finishing the one side skip to the other side and then do the back, once you are done with the both side of the head. The lower part of the sides is normally slightly shorter. Cut into it with the scissor perpendicular to the comb. It is a good place to start because you can see your progress and it doesn’t require to clean up.

6.) Trim Hair from the Back

Back is always tricky to even after using an additional mirror to cut your own hair. But without using a back mirror it would be very difficult for you to cut the back side. Bring a handheld mirror into the place where you are cutting your hair, if there is not any place to hold then you can take the help of others. You can cut your backside with the help of trimmer but put the chipper. I will help to evenly cut the back side of your hair. Then you can take the picture or make a video with your phone to see how it looks if the back mirror is not available to you.

7.) Top Cut for a Perfect Haircut

The top is typically the longest part of the hair. Use your the index and middle fingers of your non-dominating hand for the section of longer hair.

  • Carefully trim the hair with the scissor until the two different sides blend into each other.
  • Use this trick all the way around your head until the two sections get and look well blended and there is no uneven hair.
  • If you want to cut more hair then skip using middle or index finger to pull out sections.

8.) Final Touch after the Haircut

Fading is very important part of hair cut. It gives the final touch to your hair and makes them more groomed. Most haircuts even under and sidecuts feature more than one hair length. But the transition between this two length should not be visible because it can make you look worst so you need to fade them between them.

  • There are two options and the first one is only suitable for longer hair. You have to do is slowly lift the cutters after each drag through your hair. This will ensure there is not a visible line between two sizes, but you need to be pretty careful and work slowly.
  • The another method is classic barber method. You will have to use a different type of blade sizes and it is quite advanced technique, so you can bring anyone to do it for you. It goes like this you need to after cutting the area with longer size, cut a shortener size underneath and leave enough space in between the size. After you done with entire head fade the line using in between a number of blades.

9.) Cleaning Up The Hairline

It’s not very necessary to do the hairline when you trying to cut your own hair, but if you do, you will need a hair trimmer because, without it, you will not get the perfect finish. You can also use shaving razor or clipper. What you need to do is simply follow and clean out the natural hairline, modifying it from where you want. Work slowly and peacefully in the hairline. The most important thing that you must consider is to make both sides symmetrical.

  • Be careful about the arches you make above the ears. Styling the backline is the hardest part of the hairline. so try to bring someone else to do for you if possible. if you are doing it own so just work slowly and patiently. There is a trick which you can use, use a leather belt. You need to just simply wrap it around the back of your neck, line it up, and clean up your neck with trimmers and  stop where the belt begins. you will get a perfect hairline.
  • You can also use scissor for cleaning up and giving finishing touch. It is optional, its depend on you. prefer someone else to do it for you.

10.) Styling After the Haircut

Styling depends on the length of the hair. For shorter haircut use a small amount of wax or gel on top to spike your hair up. For longer haircuts use a hair blower to make the hair stand up. Use dryer in the upward direction. When it’s dry, your hair stands like they just drank 12 cups of coffee. If you want, you can still texture them with some gel or wax.


  • wear your old shirt or some other thing to cover your body to catch the cut hair. If you are cutting your hair on bathroom close the drain to keep hair falling into it.
  • you can use trimmer which is specially designed for cutting your hair.
  • when the first time you will cut your hair, don’t cut it as short as you normally have it cut. if you make a mistake you can correct it without having to cut your hair too short. you can expect some mistakes at the very first time, then gradually you will become perfect.
  • If you have electric hair clipper you can use it to clean up the sides and back of your neck.
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