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Foods With Vitamin D – Rich Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is different from other vitamins because the human body can make most of what they need with the exposure of sunlight. Vitamin D is more than a vitamin in that it acts as a prohormone and affects hormone balance and immune regulation of the body. Most foods are a poor source of vitamin D and there are only a small amount of foods that are a rich source of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in calcium absorption into the bones. Deficiency of vitamin D symptoms includes weakened the immune system, seasonal depression, weak bones, autoimmune disease, skin issue eczema and psoriasis. People more prone to vitamin D deficiency include those who live in a northern region with little sunlight exposure. The daily recommendation for vitamin D is 400 IU/day. Here is the list of foods with vitamin D.

foods with vitamin D

Foods with Vitamin D

1.) Cheese- Vitamin D Food

Cheese is mostly avoided from the most diet plans due to its high fat content but it is one the foods with vitamin D. It also contains protein and calcium. It contains about 102 IU of vitamin D which is about 26% of your daily recommendation.

  • Cheese is made from the milk and milk is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Because of the cheese goes to the processing, so it contains more amount of vitamin D and calcium than milk.
  • If you are considering adding more cheese to your diet so first check to see how well you process dairy products. Go fo the elimination diet and eliminate dairy for at least one month and try reintroducing it to see how well your body can handle it.
  • Even though cheese is high in vitamin D but don’t forget it is also high in fat cholesterol and calories. So you will need to balance your consumption of it get the benefits of the calcium, vitamin, and protein it contains without ay harmful effect.

2.) Tuna- Foods with Vitamin D

Tuna is a very popular fish and famous for its high protein content, but it also contains enough amount of vitamin D. It contains about 80 IU vitamin D which is about 20% of your daily recommendation. It is readily available in cans and pouches and one of the easiest way to add more vitamin D in your diet.

  • Tuna is a great lean source of protein, it also contain iron and omega 3s. packed tuna comes ready to eat and can easily come in handy when you are in need of a snack. you can get it through tuna fish.
  • You can make healthy tuna salad with light or fat-free mayo, celery, and grapes.
  • Tuna provides many health benefits but it also gives a risk due to its mercury content. Eat it few times a week and get all of its benefits.

3.) Salmon- Vitamin D Food

Salmon provide as much as a vitamin as you need. It contains about 906 IU vitamin D which is about 227% of your daily recommendation which make it foods with vitamin D. Salmon is often recommended as a fish which you should eat on a regular basis. This is because it will not only provide you vitamin D but it will also give you omega 3s and it is also a rich source of protein which will help you to build lean muscle.

  • Salmon is also good for heart heath and has even been linked to increasing brain performance both short and long term. It also helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases.
  • Salmon is easy to prepare in a number of ways. You can even bake it or even place it on the grill during the summer. You can even make kababs.

4.) Sardines- Foods with Vitamin D

Sardines are famous for their strong taste and aromas, but it also has other quality, it is a rich source of vitamin D. You don’t need to eat whole 100 gm of serving to take all benefits even the half serving will give you enough benefits. It contain about 480 IU of vitamin D which is about 120% of your daily recommendation.

  • Sardines comes in the category of oily fish that is rich in omega 3s fatty acids.  It is also a rich source of potassium calcium and iron which is a top three minerals for your body.
  • Sardines can be tricky to eat they have a strong flavour and small size. You can add them in seafood chowder or in pizza. You can also eat them as a snack as well, they are also full of protein so that they will make you full for longer.

5.) Snapper- Food Rich in Vitamin D

Snapper is a fish that stands out among other as being a good source of vitamin D. It contains about 408 IU vitamin D which Is about 102% of your daily recommendation which make it foods with vitamin D. Snapper is also a rich source of vitamin K

  • It also contains selenium which helps the body by getting the thyroid to a happy place. Snapper is naturally low in calories and a rich source of protein, it will give you overall health benefits.
  • You can also go for flounder, mackerel, and tilapia.
  • Snapper is very delicious to eat, you can eat it with carbs and vegetables for a balanced meal.

6.) Oyster- Foods with Vitamin D

Oyster is a great source of vitamin D and can be used as a part of healthy diet. It contains about 320 IU of vitamin D which is about 80% of your daily recommendation.

  • Oyster contain omega 3s, which makes it a good choice for heart heath. It helps to decrease the chance of having a stroke or heart attack and get your blood pressure number to a safer place.
  • They are solid source fo protein, magnesium, and iron. They also give you a big dose of vitamin B12.
  • Oyster is considered as a once in a while food or just for the special occasion, but you can eat them on a regular base or can add to a seafood chowder.

7.) Chanterelle- Vitamin D Foods

Chanterelle is one of the foods with vitamin D. there are different types of mushroom but all of the them have their different quality when it comes it comes to certain vitamin and minerals. You can try a sample of different types of mushroom and can see which one you like best.

  • Chanterelle mushroom has a distinct look and flavor to them and they might not be available at every grocery chain.
  • Many types of mushroom provide you vitamin D, you can add them to your pizza and sandwiches. You can also use them in your main dish.

8.) Herring- Foods with Vitamin D

Herrin contains a healthy dose of vitamin D. it contains about 167IU vitamin D which is about 42% of your daily recommendation. It also contain omega 3s which is always a bonus when a food provides high level of more than one important nutrients.

  • You can do for canned for fresh herring to get these benefits. If you will take it will be convenient and quick on the go snack.
  • You can generally find pickled herring and on that place you will find other canned fish.

9.)  Shiitake Mushrooms- Rich Source of Vitamin D

It is one of the healthiest mushrooms you will eat and one of the best foods with vitamin D. The big reason of its sudden increase in popularity is that due to the boost to the immune system. The other reason for their popularity is the way they help the cardiovascular system that means for your heart health.

  • It will help to increase your overall heath and general wellbeing. It will help you to sustain a long and active life. You can differentiate it from the other mushroom by the pattern on their caps.
  • You will need to specifically seek out shiitake mushrooms which will most likely to be next to all of the other mushrooms, but you will not find it in all the stores.

10.) Eel- Foods with Vitamin D

Eel is one of the highest foods with vitamin D foods on the planet. It contains about 932 IU of vitamin D which is about 233% of your daily recommendation. It is not only a good source of vitamin D but it also contains a number of vitamin and minerals.

  • Eel contain both DHA and EPA forms of omega 3s, therefore it provides all the benefits including help with cholesterol levels and also with anti-cancer benefits.
  • It has a savory flavor when prepared correctly and would not have a rubbery texture but it is soft and detectable.
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