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Foods High in Potassium- List of Food High in Potassium

This article is about some foods high in potassium or list of food high in potassium. Potassium is a well-known mineral found in almost all foods and vegetables. It is a dietary mineral which is obtained from the food we eat. Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the body. The proper functioning of our tissues requires the optimum level of potassium. It also maintains the pH level of the body. It is very necessary to maintain the sodium-potassium pump in the body. There is a constant movement of electrolytes in the body. It gives us energy and helps in the proper functioning of cells. Potassium is very necessary as it regulates the heart beat of the body. It also takes care of the functioning of muscles.

It is seen that potassium deficiency can cause many diseases of lungs, kidneys, hypertension or so on. The symptoms are abnormal dry skin, oedema, cognitive impairment, excessive thirst, stunted growth, fatigue, irritability, respiratory disorders or so on. It is found that an adult human body requires 3,500 mg of potassium. Some people go for medications and spend lots of money on potassium pills. But, you can easily get sufficient amount of potassium by some fruits, vegetables, seafood or pulses.

Foods high in potassium

List of Foods High in Potassium:

If you are suffering from potassium deficiency, no need to worry. Here is the list of foods high in potassium. You can seek them out as a way to improve your potassium level.

1.) Bananas Loaded with Potassium

To reap the benefits of potassium you can eat bananas. They are the best source of potassium. It helps to maintain the blood pressure of the body. It is estimated that one large banana consists of 422 mg of potassium. By eating banana you can cure the problems like fatigue, irritability and high blood pressure. It also promotes the proper functioning of muscles and removal of waste products out from the body. People suffering from kidney problems should avoid eating bananas as it is among foods high potassium level. You can eat a banana by simply peeling it. Also, you can prepare a banana shake by adding sugar, milk and bananas in a mixer. Try this delicious fruit to complete the potassium level in your body. This is among foods high in potassium.

2.) Yoghurt Among Foods High in Potassium

Yoghurt is the dairy product that contains the relevant amount of potassium. It is not loaded with potassium as compared to other fruits and vegetables, but it can be a part of a healthy diet. Yoghurt contains friendly bacteria which are helpful in overall maintenance of the body. It aids digestion. It also prevents the body from free radicals and some other kind of infection. The enzymes present in yoghurt boost your immune system. You can eat curd in your breakfast. Also one can prepare its cocktail by adding water, sugar or mango juice in it. Adding fruits in plain yoghurt is also a good option. Male a habit of eating curd as it is among foods high in potassium.

3.) Fish- Loaded with Potassium

Fish can be a good choice to add in your meals. It provides a high range of health benefits. Along with potassium it consist of omega 3s fatty acids which is very essential for your body. It helps to maintain the cardiovascular problems and plays an important role in blood clotting. Eating fish can also reduce the tissue inflammation and alleviates the symptoms of arthritis. Fish also makes you healthy and maintains your health. You can boil a fish and eat it. Also one can make its soup by adding some veggies and spices. Also, you can cook a tasty dish of your choice from your favorite recipe book. If you are a non-vegetarian, add fish in your supper and enjoy its advantages.

4.) Tomatoes- Rich in Potassium

Tomatoes are full of potassium content. This provides you with lots of benefits with none of the drawbacks. The high potassium level in tomatoes helps in marinating the osmotic pressure in the tissues of your body. It also consists of lycopene which prevents you from various diseases. These are easily available at the nearest grocery store and is cost friendly. You can add tomatoes in your salad in raw form. Also, you can try its tasty, delicious soup by adding other vegetables and spices in it. Alternatively, you can prepare its jams, sources or so on. There are plenty of ways to eat tomatoes. Eat tomatoes as it is among foods high in potassium.

5.) Avocado in Foods High in Potassium List

Avocado is the trendy healthy food in the recent years. It has promising health benefits. This fruit is very rich in potassium and balance the ion regulation in the body. It also consists of poly saturated and mono saturated fats. These fats act  as protective layer to the organs in the body.  In addition to this, avocado is rich in vitamin A and C. It is very easy to eat avocado as you can prepare its different meals. You can also take out its juice and drink. Alternatively, one can cook a great time snack from it. It is a good choice to add potassium in your diet.

6.) Asparagus with Plenty of Potassium

It is a wonderful vegetable with plenty of potassium. This fleshy green vegetable is a great source of nutrients. It is highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This vegetable is full of vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E and zinc. Also, it is loaded with important amino acids like glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine. Asparagus also maintains the blood sugar level and prevents from the diseases like diabetes. There are many side dishes which you can prepare with asparagus. One can eat raw, fresh asparagus in salad. Also, you can prepare a tasty soup with this vegetable. You can find it at a fairly price at your local market.

7.) Beans with Lots of Potassium

Beans are a great source of potassium with more than 600 mg per cup. It is easy to cook. Beans are the good choice in your breakfast. It is also a good source of fibre. It eases the digestion and keeps your metabolism in order. There are various beans like kidney beans, lima beans, soya beans, pinto beans or so on. These beans help to fulfil the mineral content in your body. The potassium level helps to keep your heart beat at a steady rate. One can try different dishes with beans. You can soak them or eat their sprouts. Adding them in your soup is also a good method.

8.) Spinach- Rich in Potassium

Spinach is the healthy choice and it’s no surprise that it contains potassium. It is an organic option to have potassium. Spinach is also rich in fibre. It can make you feel full for longer periods of time. Spinach is also used in weight loss programs as it contains plenty of nutrients. This veggie controls the blood sugar level and makes you healthy. You can eat spinach in different ways. One can boil the leaves and eat add them in the salad. Also, try its delicious soup by adding some vegetables in it. Alternatively, you can prepare a tasty dish with spinach. Try this vegetable as it is a rich source of potassium.

9.) Cantaloupe with High Potassium

Cantaloupe is a delicious way to get potassium. It is a summer fruit which is sweet in taste. Cantaloupe contains water, which also prevents you from dehydration. It has a succulent taste and that’s the pleasure to eat this fruit. Cantaloupe is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants which help your body to fight against diseases. It maintains the osmotic pressure in the tissues. You can easily buy this fruit from the market and eat it. Alternatively, you can drink its juice.  Try to mix it with melons like watermelon and eat it. This can be the best fruit to fulfil the potassium content in your body.

10.) Sweet Potatoes- Full of Potassium

Sweet potatoes are very impressive when we talk about the foods rich in potassium level. It is a good choice to add this food in your meal. This food is very rich in beta-carotene, as evidenced by their orange color. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fibre content. This balances the digestion process of the body. You can use sweet potatoes in place of white potatoes as it is a good replacement. You can boil them to eat. Alternatively, they can be baked and used as a side dish. Also, you can make its soup or a dessert of your choice.

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