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How to Apply Eye Makeup?

When you are taking baby steps to learn the technique of makeup the first thing you want to get a hold on is eye makeup. As a beginner, all that the makeup world has to offer can seem a little overwhelming. Making mistake is a part of the learning process and they can be easily avoided. On other things might be possible that you will not have an another chance but when it comes into apply eye makeup, so you don’t need to worry because you can easily remove it if you will do any mistake. Makeup makes women beautiful and the eye is the one of the most crucial part which can enhance your beauty and make can make you more beautiful. To become a perfect you need little bit practices. You can follow these steps to apply eye makeup.

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Steps to Apply Eye Makeup:

1.) Clean your Face to Apply Eye Makeup

Before applying any makeup, you need to first wash your whole face with a gentle cleanser or wipe out all the remaining make from your face. Pay more attention to any leftover eyeliner or makeup. If you are having any trouble on removing eye makeup, try using cold water or regular lotion, put them on the cotton swab and gently rub your face. If you are suffering from eczema or dry skin around your eyes, rub a little moisturiser underneath your eyes or between the outer corners of your eyes and your temples. Make sure not to put moisturiser on your eyelids. This will make them greasy and the makeup you apply will run off.

2.) Even out the Skin Tone Around your Eyes

Apply concealer on the area where your inner eye meets your nose or too dark under eye circles. Buy concealer from the shop which allows you to test the samples. Swipe the concealer across your inner wrists to check the concealer, buy that one which covers up the veins best. You can use the brush or your fingers to blends the makeup outward to your cheekbones and nose. Set the concealer by brushing a loose, flesh-toned powder over it. Also apply some powder to your eyelid as well.

3.) Primer to Apply Eye Makeup

Just as you prime before you paint a wall, same like that primer use before you apply makeup. It goes on smoothly and lasts longer. It is a secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours.

  • Put a small amount of primer on the back of your hand and should not be more than the size of a grain of rice. While you want the primer to cover your eyelid completely, too much primer can backfire you. It can cause your eye makeup to pill, clump, appear chalky or shiny. But if you will apply it too little, so your makeup will not stay.
  • A grain or rice size primer will be enough for both eyes.
  • It is always better to start with less product and build layers. But if you will start with too much off, then you will need to wipe it off. Remember that, less is more when it comes to primer.

4.) Apply Eyeshadow to Apply Eye Makeup

You can use one color or several. Here we are going to discuss three basic color plan.

  • Apply a medium color on your eyelid. Your eyelid is the area running from your eyelashes to your crease.  The crease is the slight dip between your eyelid and your brow bone. Pick a light brown, medium pink or any other middle of the road he fro this area.
  • Apply a light color on your brow bone. Highlight this area and make more light bounce off it by brushing on appear light gold, pearly off-white or other delicate colors that match your eyelid color in skin tone.
  • Apply a dark color on your crease. Use only light and little stores to put a little bit of darker powder on the crease of your eye.go from the outer corner of your crease and follow the arch about 2/3 of the way toward the inner corner of the eye. You can try a brown, violet or another dark color that matches up with the first two colors you used.

5.) Blend the Color to Apply Eye Makeup

Begin with at the outer corner of the eyelid, make small circles with your brush, move towards inward until you have reached the center of your eyelid. Repeat this process from the inner corner of the eye.

  • You should not drag your base color up into the crease color, mix two colors gently with your circular brush motions.
  • Then you need to blend the crease color. Move your brush back and forth across the crease of your eye. Blend the color horizontally. Gradually move the brush downward toward the base color and keep the brush moving in the same back and forth motion.
  • Again you should gently draw the crease color down into your base color and blend them together.
  • Continue both blending processes until you are satisfied. You need to switch back and forth between blending the base color up with small circular motions and blend the crease color down with swelling back and forth motion until you can no longer see a stark distinction between the two colors.
  • Don’t over blend your eyeshadow when you apply eye makeup,  you will end up with overly dark smudge eyelids.

6.) Apply Eyeliner when you Apply Eye Makeup

You can use pencil liner, liquid liner its depend on your choice, pick anyone whichever you like to move across your upper lash line in tiny, controlled strokes as if you are drawing a dotted line. Again fill in the blanks with more small strokes.

  • Shake the liquid liner before using. You will need to shake the bottle. Make sure that the lid is secured first and then shake the liquid liner for a few seconds. They unscrew the cap and pull the brush out of the bottle.
  • To ensure that the liquid liner is well-mixed, you will need to shake the bottle. Make sure that the lid is secured first and then shake the liquid liner for a few seconds. When you will get ready, open the cap and pull the brush out of the bottle.
  • If the brush seems to have too much liner on it, then swipe it across the edge of the liner bottle and apply it on your eye.
  • To make sure that your liner goes on smoothly, it helps to get it to the right temperature.  If your liner feels hard then you need to warm it up, if it feels soft then you need to cool it down. Then apply it on your eye.

7.) Curl your Lashes to Apply Eye Makeup

Use an eyelash curler to grip your upper lashes. Hold the curler for about five seconds. it would be easy to access if you half close your eyes. Remember, always curl before you apply mascara.

8.) Apply Mascara

You can apply a little or lot depends on you. There are many different brands and formulas for volume, definition, and length. Find a product you are happy with. You need to start it from the base of your upper lashes then slowly sweep upward. If you want more effect apply mascara to the lower lashes as well. If you want to apply multiple coats, do it when the first coats of mascara are still wet. If the mascara is dry and you will try to coat it will lead to clumps. Applying mascara when you apply eye makeup is important for the greater look.

9.) Fill in your Brows

Finishing your look with eyeshadow will help to make it feel polished.

  • You can set your eyebrows with a gel, these gel come in tubes that look alike mascara and keep your eyebrow shape in place all day long. You an use either a clear gel or a singles gel.
  • With quick strokes, as you are drawing little hairs, fill in the sparse place in your eyebrows.
  • Choose an eyebrow pencil that will match to your hair color. When choosing eyebrows color, unless you are a redhead, go towards ashier shades with less red.

10.) Glitter to Finish the Eyemakeup

If you have chosen the right glitter shadow, then its time to achieve the look you want.  Take a couple of minutes to make sure that you have all the things you need. To start with you will need a shadow and a tool to help you to apply it.

  • You can apply eyeshadow using a sponge or even with your finger. Many people prefer using a silicone burns as it is sturdier than other brush and can be better to handle the weight of a glitter shadow.
  • Keep a tissue to help you to clean up any stray glitter.
  • Then apply glitter to your eyes to give a new and different look.
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